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Morgana Post number 649 Posted: 21st February 2008     Subject: PaGE - Pagan Gathering Europe -
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Morgana Post number 660 Posted: 23rd February 2008     Subject: PaGE 2008
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Hi folks,
Fjierra sent this to the old PFI email Chat list which will be discontinued soon. So I am reposting it here
Sorry folks, only in Dutch at the moment… I will post the English info ASAP [Smile].
Blessings allemaal,

In de zomer van 2004 genoten meer dan 100 gasten van een overdaad aan activiteiten op PaGE in Brugge, misschien was jij er ook wel bij... Velen onder jullie waren er al enige tijd op aan het wachten en nu is het eindelijk zover! Eind september van dit jaar komt de 2de editie van PaGE er aan!
In bijlage vind je alle verdere informatie. Je kan deze info ­ en veel meer! - overigens ook terugvinden op <> Schrijf snel in want het aantal plaatsen is heel beperkt. Bovendien krijgt de snelle beslisser een vroegboekkorting van €10.
Leden van de Pagan Federation International krijgen een extra korting van €10.

Om in te schrijven zend je het inschrijvingsformulier ingevuld terug en stort je het juiste bedrag op rekeningnummer 979-3314920-47. Opgelet! Je
inschrijving is pas geldig na ontvangst van je inschrijvingsformulier én je betaling.

Hou er rekening mee dat een aantal workshop (o.m. deze van Pete Jennings, Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone, e.a.... ) in het (eenvoudig!) engels wordt geven,
maar er zijn steeds mensen bereid om een extra woordje uitleg te geven.

Mocht je mensen kennen die geïnteresseerd zouden kunnen zijn, dan mag je hen deze mail zeker doorzenden.

Heb je nog verdere vragen of wil je graag bijkomende informatie, geef me dan even een seintje!
Morgana Post number 967 Posted: 3rd March 2008     Subject: Now in ENGLISH
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Brightest blessings,

In the summer of 2004, over a 100 guests enjoyed a variety of activities and workshops at PaGE in Bruges. Perhaps you were one of them... Many of you have been waiting for this news for quite some time and here it is finally.

PaGE 2008 will be organised the end of September of this year.

Please look for booking information etc on
Please send your application form back as soon as possible as the capacity is limited. If you book up early, you also get an early-booking discount of EUR 10.

To book up, you just need to send your application form back to us and pay up the correct amount.
Please note that your application form is only valid after we receive your payment.

You can forward this information to anybody who might be interested.

Just send me a mail in case you have more questions or need more information.

I really hope to meet you all at PaGE!

Morgana Post number 968 Posted: 3rd March 2008     Subject:
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PaGE 2008 – Algemene informatie
Welcome to PaGE2008, an international spiritual summer get-together! Share your ideas regarding your religion and spiritual path, listen to others and
learn what they do and how they feel, extend your knowledge and understanding of the many spiritual paths and make new friends in different traditions from all over
What is PaGE2008?
PaGE is short for Pagan Gathering Europe and was first organised in Augustus 2004. From Friday to Sunday, over a hundred guests had a choice of more than 30
interesting workshops, new friendships were made and old acquaintances were revitalized. We like to keep our promises, and hereby proudly introduce PaGE2008. PaGE2008 will again be a gathering where people of various backgrounds and of different traditions will be welcome to meet in all honesty and sincerity to get to
know each other and learn from one another. Unfortunately we are still confronted too often with misunderstanding. Unknown still is unloved…
Therefore, the targets of the event remain: �� A meeting place for likeminded people, where new friendships can be made and old acquaintances can be revitalized;
An event where everybody who agrees with the following principles of the Pagan Federation is welcome, irrespective of the path he or she follows and of degrees
or initiations:
o Love for and kinship with nature. Reverence for the life force and its ever-renewing cycles of life and death;
o The Pagan Ethic: "If it harms none, do what thou wilt" This is a positive morality expressing the belief in individual responsibility for discovering one's own true nature and
developing it fully, in harmony with the outer world and community;
o Recognition of the Divine, which transcends gender, acknowledging both the female and male aspect of Deity

A happening full of new experiences where people can learn new things without losing their own identity;
A place where everybody is accepted for who one is; PaGE 2008 – Algemene informatie
And of course, a place full of unforgettable moments and FUN!

At PaGE you choose from a extensive variety of workshops. The complete program won’t be finalised until a few weeks before the event, but we hope we’ll be able
to update you on a regular base by our website The following activities are already scheduled:
Opening ritual on Friday & closing ritual on Sunday
Trance Prophecy ritual on Saturday
An considerable offer of fascinating workshops and talks with a wide range of subjects; from shamanism, working with deity, ancestor worship, Personal Power and Personal Myth, druidism, to making your own Mother Earth statues, dowsing, sacral dancing, working with herbs, …
Various relaxing meditations and path workings
And so much more!

Of course, your children are welcome at PaGE, but they can’t participate to workshops and / or rituals. Participation to the workshops and other activities is reserved for 18+. Parents remain responsible for their kids at all times. Unfortunately we are unable to provide childcare. If your partner would like to accompany you to Antwerp, but is not interested to
take part in the workshops, the ‘PaGE spouse-program’ might be the solution you’re looking for! Our spouse-program is not an organised activity, but a small
folder with a range of activities and visits in the near surroundings that will keep you loved one so busy he or she won’t even miss you! This folder is available at the information desk.

We are very proud and happy to announce that Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone have confirmed their presence at PaGE2008! Since 1971, Janet and Gavin have published several books in the US, England, Brazil, Czechia and Japan and they are internationally acknowledged as experts of Wicca and the occult. They live in Ireland, where the veil between our world and the realm of the unseen is very narrow.

Everybody with open mind and open heart, 18 and over is welcome to join. The number of participants is strictly limited and we already notice a huge amount of interest for this event. To avoid disappointment we urge you to complete, sign PaGE 2008 – Algemene informatie and return the participation form as soon as possible in order to confirm your
reservation. Take a day off on the Friday, bring the kids to grandma and drive to the beautiful location to meet up with old friends, make new friends, to learn, relax, have fun, recharge your batteries and enjoy the atmosphere.

From Friday 26th until Sunday 28th of September, 2008.
We welcome you from Friday 26/8 at 6:00 PM. The event ends on Sunday evening 28/8 at 6:00 PM.
PaGE2008 is a summer camp. That is why you can only participate in full board and lodging. Visiting the event during one day or outdoor catering is not possible.

PaGE will take place in a beautiful and woodland surrounding in the province of Antwerp (about 30’ from the centre of Antwerp and approximately 40’ from the centre of Breda).
Trivial, but nice to know… this area is famous for the production of Belgian trappist. One of these beers was selected the best beer in the world by an international jury.

We will stay in rooms for minimum 4 persons. In case of early booking, we will respect your preference of who to share a room with as much as possible. Please let us know if you
would like to share a small dorm with your family, group, coven or organisation. You can write it down on the application form. There are a small number of 2- and 3-person
rooms available at a supplement of €35 pp for a 2-person and €25 pp for a 3-person room. All bedrooms have their own sink and storage space. Showers and toilets are
available in the hallway. The rooms are not very big, but they are clean and the beds are comfortable☺.

PaGE 2008 – General Information
Food & drinks?
Participation to PaGE is only possible in full board. The price includes lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner and two coffee breaks. The meals are simple but tasty. Vegetarian meals are available but need to be ordered in advance. On the site there’s small bar, which will be opened in between the activities and at night (until the early hours of the morning…). The perfect place to chat with your old and new friends while enjoying one (ore more!) of the many great Belgian beers ☺!
The management of the location however does not allow bringing your own drinks and snacks to the site. In between meals drinks and snacks are available at reasonable prices via vending machines and in the pub. As the kitchen staff has a night off on the Friday, we can’t offer a hot meal upon arrival.

What else do I bring?
Bringing sheets and pillow case is required. Sheets are available on the site for a small supplement but need to be reserved in advance. Blankets are available on site.
Ritual gowns are not required, but are off course allowed ☺. A djembé or other instruments for the drum circle are very welcome.

Your contribution for the entire weekend is €175. This price includes lodging (in rooms of min. 4 persons) and all the meals. As mentioned earlier, a very small amount of 2- and 3-person rooms are available. We do need to charge a supplement for these rooms; €35 pp for a 2-person and €25 pp for a 3-person room. Members of the Pagan Federation and the Pagan federation International receive a discount of €10. You can benefit of an extra discount of €10 if you order and pay before March 15.

Where do I sign up?
Please send your participation form back to All questions, suggestions and remarks can also be sent to this address.
Extra info?
Take a look at to stay informed about all the latest information. You can also find the application form in Word on this site.

Bright Blessings,
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