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Ontwaken Post number 23826 Posted: 11th October 2017     Subject: New Blog
Welcome to the new-look Friends of The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic‘s blog.
Here you can find out all about ‘Friends’ and what we do, plus updates on what is happening with the Museum and other interesting and relevant articles or news, worldwide.
More blog posts and information coming soon – stay tuned!

https://museumofwitchcr ... /13/welcome/
Morgana Post number 23848 Posted: 16th October 2017     Subject:
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Thanks for all the news about "Boscastle"

Don't forget that the museum is also in LONDON for 4 months:

A Museum For Witches Is Coming To London
Ontwaken Post number 23932 Posted: 30th October 2017     Subject: Charms, spells, curses and poppets: witchcraft in pictures ... s/kern-baby/
Ontwaken Post number 23959 Posted: 6th November 2017     Subject: The museum is now closed
We’ve had a great year at the Museum, we’ve been open every day from April 1st to October 31st. Now it is time to close our doors for the season.

The Museum will be open at the following times: this Saturday (November 4th 2017) for a candlelit evening 7pm-10.30pm. Last entry 10pm. This is open to the public, no need to book for the candlelit evening, just pay on the door and enjoy the Museum at night.

We will be open for a week during the holiday period. We will be open daily from December 26th to January 2nd (inclusive). The Museum will be open from 12pm-5pm on these days (last entry 4pm).

We have limited staff during our “closed” season so it may take us slightly longer to reply to emails or phone messages than usual.
Ontwaken Post number 23997 Posted: 13th November 2017     Subject: Recent talks by museum team
We have had lots of invitations to present talks this year – it seems like there is more interest in witchcraft and magic than ever. In 2017, we have spoken at Lifton History Group, St Breward History Group, St Tudy History Group, The Cornwall Association of Local Historians and the St Columb Probus Club.

On top of this, three different members of the Museum team presented talks at the end of October/beginning of November.

First up was Joyce Froome who spoke to around 50 A level students who visited the Museum on October 31st. They are studying the Witch hunts in early modern Europe. While half the group looked around the Museum, the other half enjoyed a talk by Joyce in the library on the Pendle Witch case (Joyce published a book on this subject called “Wicked Enchantments: the Pendle witches and their magic”).

Later that evening, Judith Hewitt travelled down to Falmouth to give a talk at a Halloween party at a yachting club. She spoke about the history of the holiday and the possible origins and meanings of some of the aspects of Halloween (such as pumpkins, the supernatural and costumes etc.). One of our best sellers on the online shop this year has been the guidebook we wrote on the topic of Halloween for 2016’s exhibition.
Ontwaken Post number 24057 Posted: 4th December 2017     Subject: Old Christmas
We are really looking forward to celebrating Old Christmas here at the Museum on January 6th 2018. There is no need to book to attend anything except the talks in the Museum library. Everything is free to attend. If you would like some leaflets or a poster to help promote this event, please email Judith at specifying how many leaflets/A4 posters and your address. Here is a plan for the evening – hope you can join us!

4-7pm Museum open.

5pm Talk by Alex Langstone in Museum library ‘Midwinter traditions and folklore in East Cornwall’. Music outside the Museum.

5.30pm Talk by Simon Reed in Museum library ‘Guize traditions’

Talks are free to attend, maximum of 25 people per talk. To book a seat please email Judith at Please specify if you want to attend one talk or both talks in your email.

From 6pm Food/Mulled wine outside the Museum.

7pm Torchlit guise procession makes its way to Museum

Events outside the Museum (from around 7.15pm)

Wassail Ceremony performed outside the Museum

Boscastle Breakdown performed on barrel

Break for food/mulled wine

Serpent Dance led by Merv and Alison Davey around harbour area

Serpent Dance follows/leads Guise procession to the Cobweb for music and drinks, then onto the Wellington for more music, dance and end of night party.

Thank-you so much to everyone who is helping to make this event happen (you know who you are but we will name you all at some point!)

http://museumofwitchcra ... ry-6th-2018/
Ontwaken Post number 24062 Posted: 6th December 2017     Subject: Found on the moors
We received an intriguing inquiry the other day. Can anyone help to decipher the significance of the runes and feathers shown in the photos sent to us?

An old sign was removed and on the back they found carvings.

They also saw black feathers attached to the gateposts.

The black feathers were on two gate posts leading up into nearby woodland and on to a hill top enclosure (Neolithic). If anyone has any ideas about the significance of this, please email Judith at

In the words of Cecil Williamson, the founder of the Museum and creator of the sign below “And it still goes on today…”

http://museumofwitchcra ... n-the-moors/
Ontwaken Post number 24074 Posted: 15th December 2017     Subject: Gerald gardner calendar donated
Every year, the Museum receives a wonderful calendar as a donation and we also received a monetary donation which is raised from the sale of the Gerald Gardner calendar. Here is a little bit more about this project.

The GBG “Year and a Day” calendar has feast days from Pagan pantheons around the world, historic Craft photos, newsclippings, quotes, moons and more… Interesting info every day of the year.

To order

The calendar also has a facebook page:

We were particularly interested to see the photo for October with Gardner standing in front of a Rosy Cross/Golden Dawn cross as we are currently researching the Museum’s displays on Golden Dawn and Rosicrucianism for our 2018 Ritual Magic exhibition. There seems to have been a large display when the Museum was on the Isle of Man.

One of the great parts of working at this Museum is the inventive and thoughtful ways that people find to support it. Thanks so much!

http://museumofwitchcra ... dar-donated/
Ontwaken Post number 24076 Posted: 17th December 2017     Subject: Photographs of museum objects by ellie smart
Last year, Ellie installed a pop up exhibition outside the Museum of her photographs (her Gaea project http://museumofwitchcra ... -the-museum/).

She recently came back and took some photos of Museum objects. To find out more about her work see:

http://museumofwitchcra ... ellie-smart/
Ontwaken Post number 24121 Posted: 7th January 2018     Subject: Opening hours 2018
We are now closed until April 1st 2018. There is a one-off opening on JANUARY 6th for an Old Christmas / Wassail Event (see our Events page).

CLOSED January 3rd-5th

OPEN January 6th 4-7pm

CLOSED January 7th-April 1st

OPEN every day April 1st-October 31st

http://museumofwitchcra ... cember-26th/
Ontwaken Post number 24159 Posted: 17th January 2018     Subject: Event at the museum makes front page news!
Imagine our delight when we popped into our local shop last night to see a photograph of the Museum’s Old Christmas event (on January 6th) on the front page of the Cornish Guardian! We eagerly bought a copy and were impressed at the double page spread of great photos and comments. We can’t thank Jane Cox and Gemma Gary enough for organising this amazing event and our thanks also go out to everyone involved. We can announce that this event will happen again next year on January 6th – hope to see you there!

http://museumofwitchcra ... t-page-news/
Ontwaken Post number 24181 Posted: 25th January 2018     Subject: Dew of heaven: ritual magic conference may 12th-13th 2018
On Saturday May 12th and Sunday May 13th, the Museum will be hosting its annual May conference at the Wellington Hotel, Boscastle. As usual, this ties in with the theme of our exhibition. Our 2018 exhibition is “Dew of Heaven: Objects of Ritual Magic” and the theme for the 2018 conference is Ritual Magic. We are looking forward to a varied weekend of talks and tickets are now on sale. Book your place quickly as our conferences always sell out (and have a lengthy reserve list too!)

Tickets are limited and must be purchased before the event. Early booking is advised.

For both days: £30 (£25 for Friends of the Museum)


£20 for one day (£15 for Friends of the Museum)

Here is an overview of the speakers and their topics. More details on each of the papers to follow in our blog section in due course.

Saturday May 12th from 10am

Carolyn Hart Secret Knowledge in the Renaissance: Alchemy as Spiritual Transformation

Jon Kaneko-James “She Pawned Her Books”: Evidence Towards Female Grimiore Magicians in the 17th Century

Al Cummins The Ritual Magic of Early Modern Geomancy

Dan Harms A Liverpool cunning man and his Magical Manual

John Callow The Witch King and the Electric Muse: Alex Sanders and the rituals of the Counterculture

Judith Noble A Crafted Magic? Hereward the Wake and Ritual Magic

Peter Grey The Shining Land: Ritual Magic in Cornwall

Jesse Hathaway Diaz Quimbandorium Verum: Brazilian Quimbanda and the Grimoires

Demetrius Lacroix Sect rouge, European Grimores and the African diaspora

Sunday May 13th from 10am

Joyce Froome Ritual Magic and the Collision of Faiths: How Medieval Ceremonial Magic was shaped by Sufism, Tengrism and Islamic Science

Tim Landry Willful Things: Sorcery and Encountering Ritual Magic in West Africa and Beyond

Mogg Morgan Seven Utterances of the Vulture Goddess – an ancient Egyptian battle rite

Elaine Bailey The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, what a Victorian magician needed to know to become an Adept

Georgia Van Raalte Dion Fortune and the Limits of Public Occultism

Peter Mark Adams Elite Illuminism & Saturnian Ritual in Renaissance Italy

We aim to finish by 3.30pm on Sunday.

Ways to pay:

By paypal. Our paypal account is:

Please put ‘Ritual Magic conference’ as an Instruction/Reference.

By card: phone the Museum on 01840 250 111 and complete the transaction using a credit or debit card. Tuesdays are the best days to ring.

By cash: pop into the Museum (when we open on April 1st) and pay at the counter.

By cheque: send a cheque made payable to Museum of Witchcraft to our address: the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, the Harbour, Boscastle, PL35 0HD.

Any issues, email the Museum:

We recommend that attendees book their rooms directly with the Wellington.

Stallholders: there will be space for a small number of stalls. Stalls will be allocated to ticket holders only. To book a stall, buy your ticket and then contact Judith via email (

Evening event: on Saturday evening there will be an evening event which is included in the ticket price (with a free drink too!)

http://museumofwitchcra ... h-13th-2018/
Ontwaken Post number 24206 Posted: 1st February 2018     Subject: Workshops with julian vayne
The Museum is delighted to announce two workshops with Julian Vayne. Booking is essential as places are limited: email Judith at the Museum ( to secure your place. £20 per person to be paid on the day.

Talismans, Sigils and Magical Signs.
In this one day workshop we will explore the history and use of magical signs – from astrological talismans to bind runes, from chaos magic sigils to the traditional symbols of the cunning craft. You’ll have an opportunity to explore the imagery and symbolism hidden in the grimoires of the MWM library, create your own talismans and explore the range of methods used to charge then with magical power. Please bring coloured pencils, a pen and a blank page notebook for this fun, practical and inspirational day.
Saturday April 28th

Tarot for Divination and Magic
A one day workshop on the tarot; exploring its history, mythology, symbolism and use. Whether you’re a novice or experienced reader you’ll learn new ways of understanding and using the cards. Experiment with different styles of divination, the use of tarot for mediation and inner-world work and their opportunities for practical magic too. Bring a tarot deck to this workshop along with your sense of adventure!
Saturday September 8th

Julian Vayne is a Freelance Heritage Engagement consultant (and author of Wonderful Things – Learning with Museum Objects) and occultist.

For three decades Julian has participated in group ritual work within a wide variety of esoteric cultures including Druidry, Thelemic Magick, western and traditional shamanism, Wicca and chaos magic. During this time he has written for numerous underground esoteric journals, contributed to various collections of essays, and for two years edited Pagan Voice, a monthly UK based Pagan newspaper. Books that Julian has written include;

Pharmakon: Drugs and the Imagination, Magick Works: Stories of occultism in theory and practice and Deep Magic Begins here… Tales and Techniques of Practical Occultism.

Some of his co-authored works include Seeds of Magick (with Catherine Summers), Now That’s What I Call Chaos Magick (with Greg Humphries),The Book of Baphomet (with Nikki Wyrd) and most recently Chaos Craft (with Steve Dee).

Julian has contributed articles to academic publications including The New Generation Witches: Teenage Witchcraft in Contemporary Culture and Seeking the Sacred With Psychoactive Substances: Chemical Paths to Spirituality and God.

He is a founding member of Transform Drug Policy Foundation and Chair of The Friends of The Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft charity.

He is the leading contributor to and is a regular speaker at conferences on the subject of contemporary occultism.

http://museumofwitchcra ... ulian-vayne/
Ontwaken Post number 24216 Posted: 5th February 2018     Subject: Imbolc window display
A couple of weeks ago, Steve and Gypsy changed the window display to celebrate the Spring (which is on its way) and Imbolc specifically. Here is a bit of information about the window display and some photos of it too.

The Wheel of the Year

The Ancient Festivals

The year can be divided into eight major festivals which mark the passage of the Sun through the year and relate directly to the agricultural cycle. This is significant to many people (including witches) The current festival is:

Imbolc or Candlemas

1st or 2nd February

Imbolc marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. From now on the days get noticeably longer and seeds that have been dormant all winter start to stir.

Sacred to the ancient Goddess Bride, Bridhe or Bridget. A time to visit one of the many Holy wells so loved by Bride the healer. In Ireland it is the feast of St Brigid (the Christianised Pagan Goddess).

The Winter is passed, the return of the Sun King is evident. Celebrate by lighting candles.

The Christian Church has adopted this festival as the feast of the Purification of the Virgin.

This is the time of year to hang a ‘Brides Cross’, in your house as protection.

Stag’s Head by Artist Marti Dean

Of the animals connected with witchcraft and magic, the stag is closely associated with the Horned God of Witchcraft. With roots set in the pagan histories and traditions of Europe, the symbolism of the stag has been represented in a variety of ways, from the Neolithic painting of the antlered ‘Sorcerer’ within the cave Trois-Frères in France, to the Gundestrup Cauldron, a piece of Iron Age silverwork depicting the Celtic antlered god Cernunnos.

For some modern witches, the stag–god Cernunnos is recognised as the horned god of nature and magic, and thus is celebrated in the rituals, art, and magic of modern witchcraft. This anthropomorphic sculpture of a green stag with branch-like antlers symbolises the magic of the regenerative force in nature. The objects hung on the antlers will be changed throughout the coming year.

For Imbolc, the stag’s antlers have been decorated with Bride’s Crosses and a Bride’s Girdle (made by Gillian Nott).

Objects in the Window Display

On the stag’s antlers

The stag’s antlers are decorated with various Bride’s Crosses which were made for the Museum by Gillian Nott. These were traditionally made on Saint Bridgit’s Eve (January 31st) and were hung in honour of Bridgit and to gain her protection.

There is also a Bridgit’s Girdle on the antlers (it is the large woven hoop). The following information is adapted from “The Year in Ireland” by Kevin Danaher (1972).

The crios bride or Briget’s Girdle is a straw rope, eight to ten feet long, with a number of crosses plaited in straw attached to it.

A party of young people would go from house to house. At each house visited, the occupants were expected to pass through the crios, thus obtaining the protection of Bridget and freedom from illness (especially pains in the bones) for the coming year.

Snowdrops and candles

Bridgit is associated with things that are white: milk, lambs, white candles and snowdrops. There are several Irish songs which make mention of “Bridget, dressed in white. ” Snowdrops and candles symbolise the returning of light and spring. It is a custom to light all the lights in your house at this time to welcome back the light.

Outside of the Museum, things are looking good, the bulbs are coming through and the wishing well has been cleared out too.

Strange to think that this time last year little Miss Agnes was still “in the belly”, look at her now…!

http://museumofwitchcra ... w-display-2/
Ontwaken Post number 24258 Posted: 24th February 2018     Subject: The otherworld film at the museum may 5th
On Saturday May 5th at 7pm, the Museum will be be open in the evening to screen a film.

The Otherworld film: written and directed by Gisela Pereira, is an original and mystical tale drawing on Pagan Celtic myths and Irish legends, and a film aimed for the pagan and mystical crowd.

The Warrior Lugh, crosses Woodland heading to Tara to join the court of King Nuada and the Tuatha De Danaan. During Lugh’s travel, he is bewitched by a faerie (Immrama) to a Beltane celebration, when the line between the human and fairy world are vulnerable and Lugh crosses unaware to The Otherworld – the fairy realm. Lugh and Immrama fall in love. However, they live in different times and worlds…

The film is rated PG and is suitable for older children and families.

Tickets are £10 per person, £8 for Friends of the Museum and concessions. Ticket price includes entrance to the Museum, drinks and nibbles, a brief talk on the Otherworld by a member of the Museum team, a Q&A with writer/director Gisela Pereira and the film (which lasts an hour and twenty minutes). The Museum will be open from 6.45pm until 9.30pm for ticket holders only.

Ways to pay:

By paypal. Our paypal account is:

Please put ‘Otherworld’ as an Instruction/Reference.

By card: phone the Museum on 01840 250 111 and complete the transaction using a credit or debit card.

By cash: pop into the Museum and pay at the counter after we re-open on April 1st

By cheque: send a cheque made payable to Museum of Witchcraft to our address: the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, the Harbour, Boscastle, PL35 0HD.

Any issues, email the Museum:

Come and join us for what should be a magical evening!

http://museumofwitchcra ... eum-may-5th/
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