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Ontwaken Post number 24798 Posted: 4th August 2018     Subject: The folklore of bodmin moor: free author talk
From Granite to Sea: The Folklore of Bodmin Moor and East Cornwall, a talk by Alex Langstone at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

Come and join folklore author Alex Langstone for an evening in the library of the Museum of Witchcraft amd Magic, where he will present an illustrated talk about his brand new book From Granite to Sea, which explores the folklore of Bodmin Moor and eastern Cornwall.

Cornwall is an ancient land steeped in legend and myth. From Granite to Sea explores the folklore of the often-overlooked eastern reaches of the rugged Cornish peninsula, at the heart of which lies the mysterious upland of Bodmin Moor. This beautiful and remote land of granite, which forms the Cornish highlands, inhabits eighty square miles across the central spine of eastern Cornwall. A wild and mysterious landscape, where folklore permeates every hill, rock and river. Inhabited by piskies, giants and conjurors, who in turn control the old trackways, hilltops and weather. It is a land haunted by the wild hunt of the Devil’s Dandy Dogs and the demonic spectre of Tregeagle.

August 25th, 7.30pm in the Museum library.

A free talk, booking essential: email Judith at the Museum: to book your place.

There will be opportunities to purchase copies of Alex’s book and to get it signed.

http://museumofwitchcra ... author-talk/
Ontwaken Post number 24971 Posted: 30th September 2018     Subject: We're back

Due to some illness and a much needed holiday the updates were not always on time.
We're back and will take care of this.

Kinder regards to all who visit this page.

Ontwaken Post number 24972 Posted: 30th September 2018     Subject: Waking the witch, touring exhibition
The museum has several objects on loan to a new touring exhibition.

‘The British Isles have a particularly strong relationship to magic and the occult, with the chants of witchcraft echoing throughout their history. Legion Projects is delighted to announce Waking the Witch, a touring group exhibition which will look to the importance of craft, ritual and land on the practice of the ever shifting figure of the witch.

Traditional witchcraft has a strong connection to the earth, with an intimate knowledge of herbs, plants and the elements – as well as the human body. As gatekeepers to altered consciousness and as communicators with non-human beings, witches have been both feared and sought out for their dealings with the unknown. Historically persecuted as an outsider, the witch has been taken on by artists as a challenging force to prevailing norms and as a symbol of dissidence.

Offering interpretations of both contemporary and historical witchcraft, the exhibition aims to reclaim the multifarious voices the witch has been given over the course of history, facilitating a speculative search for lost knowledge. Looking to symbols, tools and the coven as a space for focusing collective intent, the artists in this exhibition explore the path of the witch as one that inspires a deep communion with our natural surroundings, a connection to our intuitive powers and as a force for harnessing collective energy. ’

Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, 15 Sep – 7 Nov 2018
Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury, 1 May – 8 June 2019 TBA
Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, Sep – Oct 2019 TBA
20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, 18 January – 18 April 2020

https://museumofwitchcr ... -exhibition/
Ontwaken Post number 25010 Posted: 11th October 2018     Subject: All hallows gathering 2018
The All Hallows Gathering, or Dark Gathering as it is most commonly known, is celebrated on the Saturday before Halloween each year. This conveniently falls upon the half-term holiday so it enables families and children to attend which adds to the all important theme of ancestors at this time of year.

It is basically a seasonal festival with dynamic performances from Morris dancers, musicians and the all important meeting of the Welsh Mari Lwyds with our Cornish Oss, Penkevyll marking the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter. The main venue of these performances is outside the famous Museum of Witchcraft & Magic in the pretty village of Boscastle, Cornwall.

Please be aware that the 10.30am Mari Lwyd workshop is no longer happening.
Ontwaken Post number 25071 Posted: 21st October 2018     Subject: New acquisition
We have been lucky to recently acquire these two incredibly rare woodblocks, originally used to illustrate The History of Witches and Wizards, 1720. John Crabb, author of Graven Images: The Art of the Woodcut, writes – ‘Most of the really iconic images found on the internet today come from just one collection, The History of Witches and Wizards: Giving a True Account of All Their Tryals in England, Scotland, Sweedland, France, and New England … Collected … By W. P. (1720). Here we find witches and demons dancing together, wax poppets baptised by the devil, spirits leaping from a circle of flames, and a feast at the witches’ sabbath. This is an energetic and dynamic portrayal of witchcraft, much more tantalising than old women with chips on their shoulders. Whether the authors intended it or not, they managed to make witchcraft seem rather exciting and attractive. The stories are easy, compelling reads and the images feature young men and women doing extraordinary things. There is also a clear undercurrent of eroticism running through the book. There are numerous mentions of carnal acts, lusty satyrs, undressings, drunken feasts, love spells, and devilish, handsome men appearing to innocent, young maids. ’

The blocks will be on display next season.
Ontwaken Post number 25096 Posted: 25th October 2018     Subject: The northern witan. saturday, march, 16th 2019
The Northern Witan, a Symposium of Traditional Witchcraft and Folk Magic, is a series of five lectures presented by practitioners and scholars exploring themes relating to to Witchcraft and Folk Magic. The accompanying market is open to the public. The event is graciously sponsored by the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. Saturday, March, 16th 2019

More details can be found here –

https://museumofwitchcr ... h-16th-2019/
Ontwaken Post number 25232 Posted: 13th December 2018     Subject: Call for contributions

Museum of Witchcraft and Magic Anniversary Book

In December 2004, in the wrecked building of the Museum of Witchcraft, a group of friends stood and reflected on their memories and experiences of the Museum. It was this that started the healing process that brought the Museum back to life.

During this event, Judith Noble suggested the idea of collecting these thoughts into a book to celebrate 60 years of the Museum of Witchcraft and 50 of those years being in Boscastle.

Kerriann Godwin then edited a collection of thoughts and words, supported by the Museum of Witchcraft and Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft, and The Museum of Witchcraft: A Magical History, A Collection of Memories Celebrating 60 Years was published in 2011 with 51 contributors.

This year, at a meeting of the trustees of Friends of the Museum, Ben Verhaevert asked about availability of this book and possible reprint and then a discussion followed suggesting that we publish a new collection of thoughts and words to celebrate 70 years of the Museum, 60 years in Boscastle, and that is where we are now.

This is a call for contributions for the new collection (maximum 3 submissions per person).

• 1000 words of prose (NO POETRY PLEASE) as a. doc or. docx file
• An image (please compress for initial submission or use dropbox /sharing file)

We reserve the right to edit submissions.

It may not be possible to include all submissions into the printed version of the book, however, ALL contributions will be made available as a PDF on the website at a later date.

This will be a limited edition book.

Contracts will be issued to all selected contributors for the book; there will not be a payment for work selected, for the book or when published online.

Contracts for online submissions will be sent after the initial book contracts. All contributors will be notified of the outcome of their submission after the deadline.

Please email your submissions to:

If you have any questions, please email Louise Fenton (trustee) at this email address.

DEADLINE: 21st JUNE 2019

This is a project supported by Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.
Ontwaken Post number 25301 Posted: 7th January 2019     Subject: JOIN Friends Now

New advantages when joining friends of the museum
Ontwaken Post number 25377 Posted: 3rd February 2019     Subject: Getting ready for the new season
As many of you may know, whilst the sign on the door says closed, the museum team are far from taking it easy. The months when we close are vital for us. The building is checked over and any repairs needed are undertaken. The previous years temporary exhibition is taken down and the new one installed. Our online shop still has orders that need to be packaged and sent and emails and enquiries still need to be answered.

The new season is looking fantastic with a full programme of talks, workshops and events. Our annual May Conference is on the weekend of the 18th & 19th and also a new Autumn Equinox Conference – Pendle Witches. Our publication, The Enquiring Eye, will continue to be published twice a year and the season is set to end with the Dark Gathering on October 26th.

So even if you’ve visited us before, there will be plenty of reasons to return in 2019.

https://museumofwitchcr ... LLXCZSGEuCvs
Ontwaken Post number 25529 Posted: 2nd April 2019     Subject: Back in bussiness
2019 is here and from the 1st of April the museum is open again to welcome visitors.
Our "weekly" updates will continue from now on.

Following on from last year, we have items appearing in several exhibitions. The first to open will be in London at the Wellcome Collection, in an exhibition entitled, ‘Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Magic’. 11 April 2019—15 September 2019. From their press release it sounds as if it will be a fascinating show –

What can magic and conjuring tell us about the human mind? Our new exhibition brings together the worlds of psychology and entertainment in search of the truth about deception.

Explore how our biases affect our perception and whether our senses can be hacked. Discover spirit photography, magic props and psychology experiments to see how magic works on – and in – the mind of the spectator.

Artefacts on display from the world of magic include the head of the gorilla costume worn by Derren Brown, Harry Houdini’s ‘Bell Box’, Tommy Cooper’s fez, and Paul Daniels’s sawing-in-half box.

Then if you happen to be in Dresden you can visit the Deutsches Hygiene Museum to see their exhibition, ‘Of Plants and People: A Stroll around Our Green Planet’. April 19th 2019 – 19th April 2020.

Lastly there is the ‘Magic: Exploring Hidden Realties’ at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. 19th October 2019 – 19th April 2020.

In 2016 we loaned several objects to a major exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, ‘You Say You Want a Revolution’. The exhibition has been travelling the world and is now in Melbourne, Australia. We are delighted that the MWM collection is attracting attention worldwide and being recognised for it’s importance and uniqueness.
Ontwaken Post number 25544 Posted: 9th April 2019     Subject:
http://www.folkloretape ... b7PbNh45yMSI

On Sale

•Full-colour, 104-page exhibition and project book. Containing all the 39 object-less index cards in their original form along with photographs of each artistic interpretation. Essays by Steve Patterson and Lara Cetinich Cory. Photographs from the live performances and exhibitions.
• 7” Vinyl featuring 12min of material hewn together from 10 hours of live recordings from 8 performances.
• D/L Codes: Containing extensive archive of material: Aid to Practice (originally on ten-inch) / Tramping and Loring Vol. III (originally on cassette) / Eight part two hour live album (originally on cassette) / Five tracks taken from the installation pieces)
•All contents captured in an embossed, hand-numbered and hand-stamped box gold sigil box.
•Edition of 231 special editions housed in box with seven-inch (with d/l code) and 169 stand alone books (with d/l code)

Founded by a showman, shaman and collector of folk magic by name of Cecil Williamson over fifty years ago, The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic moved through a number of incarnations and locations before resting on the rocky shores of Boscastle, Cornwall, UK.

Folklore Tapes celebrate the museum and its founder with a project that brings together over three years of visits exploring the extraordinary labyrinth of artefacts and largest public library of occult publications. The collective immersed themselves in the practices of folk magicians and wayside witches, creating improvisational performances around the museum and on the harbour cliffs, incorporating handmade instruments and tools, alongside objects from the storeroom, such as amulets, wands, charms and cauldrons. The folklorist and artist Steve Patterson introduced the group to the astonishing archive of index cards made by Cecil Williamson. Amongst the draws of unique index lay a selection of that were of particular interest as they no longer had the objects they pertained to, having been lost for many years through reasons unknown.

These fascinating cards formed the basis for the project The Art of Magic, each one suggesting a new conjuration through artistic explorations. Thirty-nine of these object-less cards were sent across the country in an envelope along with an invitation to respond in whatever medium desired. The interpretations formed a traveling exhibition, journeying to six venues around England, with performances at each show drawing upon the combined presence of the artefacts, incorporating improvised sound, live projection and immersive sensory theatre.

This lovingly assembled 104 page book brings together all the documentation from the project and includes facsimiles of all the object-less index cards along with the conjured interpretations, essays and live show photography. The seven-inch is a distillation of over ten hours of recorded live material. All the sonic output surrounding the Art of Magic project over the past three years has been made available through the download codes and arrives at around four hours of audio. The set is held within an gold embossed black box featuring the sigil used by Mr Williamson, that has come to represent our magical endeavours... !
Ontwaken Post number 25632 Posted: 11th May 2019     Subject: A View on the history of the museum by Hellen Cornish ... hPNWCFoIiOks

Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

Helen Cornish


Late 1930s: Cecil Williamson set up the Witchcraft Research Centre.

1951-1960: The Museum of Magic and Superstition was opened on the Isle of Man by Cecil Williamson, he moved it to mainland United Kingdom during the 1950s, first in Windsor and then Bourton-on-the-Water.

1960: Cecil Williamson relocated the Museum of Witchcraft to Boscastle, Cornwall.

1996 (October 31): The museum was sold to Graham King.

1998: The burial of an exhibited skeleton (claimed as Joan Wytte, Fighting Fairy Woman of Bodmin, 1781-1822) took place.

2004: A flash flood occurred in Boscastle. The museum was closed for a year, reopening in March 2005.

2013 (October 31): The collection was gifted to The Museum of British Folklore, Simon Costin.

2015: The name of the museum was changed to The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.

A great read about the musum, it's history and contents
Ontwaken Post number 25643 Posted: 19th May 2019     Subject: New membership site ... BNQxhFsOPLGc

Are you passionate about the history of magic, witchcraft and folk traditions? Would you like to support the world’s premier collection of witchcraft and folk magic artefacts and documents? By joining the Friends today, you are actively helping with the preservation of our collection, and allowing our resources to be shared by others. Visit our website to find out more!

Your annual membership covers:

Free admission to the Boscastle MWM
A free copy of The Enquiring Eye Journal
Advance notice and priority booking for events and workshops
As well as priority access to the museum and library for research purposes
Once a year you can meet with friends old and new at the Annual General Meeting that is held in Boscastle.

The Friends of The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is a registered Charity. Our Patron is Professor Ronald Hutton of Bristol University. We exist with the sole purpose of helping the Museum to remain an important educational resource and safe repository of our heritage. We enable our supporters to become practically involved with the Museum's development, and help to ensure its continued success. Through the ‘Friends’ we raise money for new projects and conservation equipment, co-ordinate volunteers and help students and researchers access the unique collection of artefacts and books held in the MWM and its world-famous library.
Ontwaken Post number 25652 Posted: 23rd May 2019     Subject: MIRROr MAGIC
This workshop is £30 payable in advance via PayPal using the museums email – (ref LMMM)

Please arrive by 9.50am. Start is 10am with a break for lunch and finish at 4pm.

This workshop will explore the role of the mirror in magic and witchcraft. We will explore how

mirrors have been used as magical instruments and gateways to the inner worlds from the earliest

of times to the witchcraft of today, and explore many different mirror spells and charms. You will

learn how to make or find magic mirrors and how to use them in your magical practice, including

the use of mirrors in both solar (daytime) and lunar (night time) magic. We will study the use of

mirrors in divination and as a means of working with spirits. You will be shown how to make a

dark mirror and how to care for your magic mirrors. The workshop will include practical exercises

and meditations. Teaching material will be provided and the workshop will be suitable for people

of all levels of experience or none.

Please bring a simple mirror (preferably one which has not yet been used for magical work before)

with you. A handbag mirror or a mirror tile will be suitable. You will also need to notebook and

pen or pencil.

Levannah Morgan is a Devon-based witch and magical practitioner with forty years’ experience of

the craft. She has taught and lectured widely at witchcraft, Pagan and magical gatherings and her

recent writings include A Witch’s Mirror (2013) and a chapter on Moon and Tide magic in Hands

of Apostasy (2015), plus articles for a variety of journals and magazines. She is just completing work

on The Sea Witch’s Companion and a book on her history in the craft in Devon. These workshops are

given to support the work of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.

This workshop is £30 payable in advance via PayPal using the museums email – (ref LMMM)

Please arrive by 9.50am. Start is 10am with a break for lunch and finish at 4pm
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