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Pub Moots in Croatia

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Anita Post number 14165 Posted: 24th November 2011     Subject: Pub Moots in Croatia
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Hi all, in the last months I have worked more on gathering pagan like-minds in my Zagreb. This was also encouraged by a sister I met during the summer, Anamarija, who has the same idea and vision - but it takes more than that, and now together we seem to get things going after all!

I celebrated Samhain at my house with 6 wonderful guests, one couple came from another town, 5 hours ride or so to take part and it was just wonderful!

After that I simply gave it another try and said "everyone, let's meet for a Pub Moot", and we met twice in the meantime with altogether 10 of us. There are more pagans of our area interested but could not come, plus some in other towns that were disappointed they were to far away. So there seems to be some serious interest.

I will continue with those moots, together with Anamarija and hope to finally create a small and healthy community and with this a nice PFI branch.
It seems quarreling up and competing seems to be one basic quality of people in this area, which surprised me when I moved over 13 years ago [Very happy]
Anamarija and I try to go forward here by spicing things with positive vibration, not leaving space for trolls and other destructive energies.

Morgana, it was also so good to meet you in Belgrade last week! So many small things that confirmed me that I am on the right track - including the labradorite stones [Wink]

Best wishes and brightest blessing from Zagreb, Croatia,
Anita [Smile]

"As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the whole world."
~ Virginia Woolf
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