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PFI PL Conference on May 16-18

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Rawimir Post number 1025 Posted: 5th March 2008     Subject: PFI PL Conference on May 16-18
Polish Federation International Polish branch invites you to a conference on May 16 (in the evening), 17 and 18, 2008. The conference will take place near Poznan in recreation facilities in a forest, close to a lake. The place can be reached by a suburbian bus.

The cost of participation is 160 PLN for PFI members and 170 PLN for others. The fee covers accomodation from May 16th in the evening to May 18th in the morning (two nights) and food (supper on May 16th, 3 meals on May 17th and breakfast on May 18th).

The programme includes:
- workshop on the meaning of ritual run by Agni, an experienced Wiccan, residing in the UK. Agni works with Vivienne Crowley. The workshop will be conducted in Polish. - workshop on incense run by Boann, an experienced Wiccan with great merit for the Polish branch of the PFI. The workshop will be run in English in two small groups The organisers provide translation into Polish language.
- Lecture on the history of Wicca by Accolon.

Morgana, International Coordinator for the PFI, is also expected.

Talks about participation by other persons, including other Pagan circles, are under way.

A detailed programme will be announced.

The programme includes also two evenings with many chances for talking (by the fire) and getting to know each other, as well as fresh air, forest and a lake.

All Pagans of different paths are invited to the conference.

People with professional interest in Paganism, researchers and journalists included, are requested to inform the organizers about the character of their presence. We shall try to make your work easier as far as we can but at the same time we will keep the participants' right to privacy.

Please apply to my email address:

Morgana Post number 1978 Posted: 14th May 2008     Subject:
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Last minute call for the conference in Poznan Poland. 16-18th may 2008 - yes a whole weekend!

Boann, Dagda & I will be going from the Netherlands to join Rawimir and friends.

If you happen to be in the vicinity [Very happy] and want to go, please get in touch with Rawimir

if someone has a computer set up there we may even be able to send you a live report [Very happy]

Looking forward to seeing everyone again, and meeting new friends too,

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