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CZECH pagan conference BMWC 7th to 11th of May

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Jakub Post number 1031 Posted: 6th March 2008     Subject: CZECH pagan conference BMWC 7th to 11th of May
Dear friends,

In the days 7th to 11th of May 2008 there will be held another of the Czech conferences related to paganism, occult, witchcraft, etc. callled Bohemian-Moravian Witches Conference which some of you can remember from one of the recent issues of the Pagan World. The organization team led by Jakub and Barbara and our partner which is the PFI invite all who are interested to come to BMWC 10, which is an useful platform for sharing contacts, friendship and experiences in the Czech Republic and it is also open to participants from other countries (translation is provided for most of the workshops when possible)... BMWC already had visitors from Slovakia, UK, USA and Spain.

This year the BMWC takes place in the northern part of our country in the region called The Czech Paradise. We will be enjoying BMWC in a beautiful and renovated farmstead with a very suggestive atmosphere of the old days. The part of the farm place is a closed yard with trees and small lake. There is also an orchard, meadow another small (but slightly bigger than the first one) lake and a beautiful ritual place belonging to the farmstead. We will have two rooms for workshops and one as a temple for meditations and relaxation. There will be a live band playing one of the nights. And we will have a bar and plenty of Czech beer too. [Smile]

Here are some pictures from that area:

The accomodation is 460 CZK per night including breakfest and dinner which is 1840 CZK for accomodation in total for the four whole days. There is a separate fee to cover the organization expenses which is
0 CZK for children bellow 15 years accompanied by parents
150 CZK for those who contribute to the programme
390 CZK for PFI members
440 CZK for all others.

The total expenses for participation will therefore be something less then 3000 CZK which is about 100 EUR.

The programme will be quite similar to the other BMWCs which mean workshops, rituals, hiking in the woods and nature, action games, socialization, relaxation and most of all fun of all sorts. The programme is slowly evolving and there is an open space to come up with participants own ideas and contributions as always. We more or less follow the DIY principles. The usual number of participants is about 25 to 30.

As an example of programme we can use the last BMWC 9 (that was extraordinarily rich) where the participants and organizers came up will the following:
hiking to nature
tarot workshop
speech on planets, their mythology and correspondences
practical workshop on obtaining shamanic body
runic workshop (pathworking based on Yggdrasil, meeting with Nornir)
workshop on elves in Irish and Norse mythology and folklore including shamanic travel
workshop on chiromancy
searching of energically active places
speech on basics of magic: principles, concepts, Qabbalah, New Aeon, postmodern approaches
sacral drama based on mythology
workshop on constellations and rituals
hermit's meditation
druidic ritual dance for men
Overtone singing
speech on the tradition of Wicca: origin, roots, GBG, theoretic basics, wheel of the year, literature
outdoor pagan rituals
speech on Easter customs and traditions in Czech and Slavic folklore
ambient/psychedelic trance night
Wotan blt: Midnight ritual of Wotan, the germanic God of magic and mysteries
You may also wish to visit a photo gallery from the last Conference.

This can also give you examples what to come up with, if you not only want to come, but also wish to share your skills and knowledge.

If you wish to come, please note that there are four basic conditions for participation which we successfully apply for the benefit of all participants and organizers:

1. You have to be 18 years old at least, or have a written agreement from your parents with your participation including the programme.

2. You have to visit our webpage here and provide us with some contact information as well as with some very brief description of what your area of interest is. You will be notified via e-mail to confirm that we receive your data. This is only done when you come for the first time. If you have visited BMWC already proceed to number three. [Smile]

3. If you decide to confirm your participation on the particular BMWC, send us an email ( You will be provided with an account number or Paypal address that is used for collecting the deposit which is 1000 CZK this time. The rest is paid on your arrival.

4. When you come you should follow basic rules that can be briefly described as do whatever you wish, just be friendly, more or less sane and respectful to others. If you are not, you won't be able to participate anyway.

And if you are vegetarian, notify us well in advance! [Smile]

The deadline for registration and sending us the deposit is 10th of April. Cancelling of the application after this date means loosing the entire deposit.

Should you have any questions just send us an e-mail to

Feel free to browse the English version of our website

And feel always welcome to come to the Czech Republic. [Smile]
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