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Moscow Pub Moot : last Monday of the month

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Gwiddon Post number 17686 Posted: 23rd October 2012     Subject: Moscow Pub Moot : last Monday of the month
Dear friends!

It is a pleasure to introduce another initiative from the PFI Russia team - the first ever pagan pubmoot in Moscow on the 29th of October 2012!!!!
The inaugural moot will be held at a cafe in Central Moscow from 19 30 to 22 00. The plan is to continue with monthly moots on the last Monday of every month thereafter. Pagans from all walks of life are welcome, as long as they agree to the Three Principles of the Pagan Federation International:

1 Love for and Kinship with Nature. Reverence for the life force and its ever-renewing cycles of life and death.

2 A positive morality, in which the individual is responsible for the discovery and development of their true nature in harmony with the outer world and community. This is often expressed as “Do what you will, as long as it harms none”.

3 Recognition of the Divine, which transcends gender, acknowledging both the female and male aspect of Deity.

To attend, please send an e-mail to the organizer - Gwiddon - for more details.

Here is a group contact page on the social network vkontakte
Also, please look at the PFI Russia vkontakte page
And the official Moscow Pagan Pubmoot Page

I believe that events like these help create a stronger pagan community at home, and represent the principles of Pagan Federation International in action.
I also want to thank Sigurd, our NC, and ParNada, the PFI forum member and activist, for their help and ongoing support of this event.

See you there!
Gwiddon, member of PFI Russia team

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Morgana Post number 17693 Posted: 23rd October 2012     Subject:
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Hi Gwiddon,

Excellent news!

I edited your posting and entered the event as recurring on the last Monday of every month.

Please check the calendar and see [Very happy]

Good luck on Monday,

Bright Blessings,
Gwiddon Post number 17738 Posted: 30th October 2012     Subject:
Dear friends!

Just wanted to let everyone know that our very first Moscow pubmoot went very well!! On October 29, 2012, eleven pagans showed up for the moot in a vegetarian cafe. I have never met any of them before, although some I knew of from their internet projects or the pagan groups they were involved in. The moot was multilingual, with English and Russian being spoken, thanks to our friends from Minnesota, USA. The participants came from diverse paths - five of them Asatruar, two of the Rodnovery tradition (Slavic paganism) and the rest wiccans and non-affiliated pagans, men and women in equal measure. Some Irish and Scandinavian-style flute was played, and generally speaking, pagans seemed to enjoy the event. As usual, there were folks I wish I had more time speaking with, but such is life, there is always next time.

I want to thank Sigurd, our NC of PFI Russia and ParNada, our PFI forum member, for their help in organizing the event! Next moot is scheduled for the 26th of November.
Everyone is welcome, who agrees with the Three Principles)))
If you wish to attend, please e-mail me at

Gwiddon Post number 17992 Posted: 21st December 2012     Subject:
Dear friends!

I wanted to post a bit of an update. We had our second Moscow pagan pub moot on the 26th of November in a beer restaurant in central Moscow, next door from the vegetarian cafe, whee the inaugural meeting took place in October of this year. This time around we had 11 attendees, quite a large show of people from the Asatru community, together with our very own Sigurd, NC of PFI Russia. Our good friends from the US were there as well, a lovely couple from the Rodnovery or the Slavic tradition of paganism, and one more wiccan, who is also a member of our PFI forum with her partner. We had a really good time, drank a few beers, and engaged in some stimulating conversations.

The site itself was much more comfortable than the vegetarian cafe, and a menu quite varied. I found the food to be quite decent, and the prices are Moscow average. We had two tables booked in the corner and I found it to be quite sufficient for our purposes. I am looking forward to the next pubmoot on December 24th, 2012. If anyone would like to attend, please e-mail me at and I will supply the details.

See you there!
PFI Russia,
Morgana Post number 18005 Posted: 23rd December 2012     Subject:
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Hi Gwiddon,

Thanks for the update!

was the US couple... Kira & ?

Enjoy the 24th [Very happy]

Yuletide greetings
Gwiddon Post number 18013 Posted: 23rd December 2012     Subject:
))) My pleasure!

Yes, Morgana, they are Kira and Tony from Minnesota) Nice folks, friendly. They've been to every Moscow pubmoot so far))))

Yggeld Post number 18044 Posted: 29th December 2012     Subject:
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Good night!
Monday is a very difficult day of the week in Russia for those who works, unfortunately. All most urgent matters and meetings fall on Monday in Russia. I couldn't ask for leave ahead of time never. Pupils or people with the free schedule of work can be at meeting only. It is very a pity.

Gwiddon Post number 18831 Posted: 22nd March 2013     Subject:
Dear friends,

Just wanted to post a bit of an update on our Moscow Pagan Pubmoot. So far, it looks like the idea is catching on. We heard of some interest to establish a similar event in Moscow region for those who can't travel easily to Moscow on a late weeknight. This is great. Our Moscow pubmoots are well-attended with about 12 people showing up every time, some come to every meeting, some people visit occassionally and there are always new faces at each meeting. I am pleased and honoured to see that happening. And want to take this oppportunity to thank everyone who supports the pubmoot! We managed to hold five meetings so far, every month, starting from October 2012. Even the meeting on Christmas eve was well-attended, despite the crazed New Year's shopping sprees! ))))

We recently decided to change the location due to noise and lack of comfort at the old place, as well as the twelve person limit, so the next pubmoot (March 25th, this Monday) will be held at a new location in central Moscow. Please, check the vkontakte group for details

Dear Yggeld, it is a great pity, that because of work you cannot attend. I think your input would be a great asset to the pubmoot. It is tricky to balance the preferences of everyone when deciding on the meeting date. Frankly, I initially opted for Mondays, because these are the days when bars and pubs have space available, so that it is easy to book and hold several tables at once without prepayment or a mandatory minimum bill per person, as many restaurants in Moscow require. However, if everything works out ok with the new location, I may switch to a different day of the week, provided that we still get the bookings. If everyone agrees, then there we can certainly do that. We are still early on in a process, so that things can be changed. In a few years time that may be another story. I, personally, am very busy on Monday evenings and Tuesday evenings as ever, so it is difficult for me to say which day of the week is better for everyone.

Gods bless,
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