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Maxine Sanders interviews

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Morgana Post number 19485 Posted: 17th July 2013     Subject: Maxine Sanders interviews
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KOTF 2: Lecture by Lady Maxine Sanders ...

Gepubliceerd op 21 feb 2013
Lady Maxine Sanders, founding Alexandrian High Priestess, shares with us with her lecture on 'Initiation.'

Videos Animus, Deep within Forest, and Horses by the amazing Wendy Rule,,
filmed by Philip Defarik of Digital Magic Media

Keepers of the Flame TV
We are an educational and entertaining television talk show about Traditional Witchcraft, Paganism and Aboriginal Religions featuring lectures,
interviews, music and entertainment from around the world. Friday Nights, 9:00pm Public Access Channel 10 in the Connecticut Valley.
Began 2010 and now on the internet in 2013. For more information follow our blog at http://www.keepersoftheflam...
Morgana Post number 19569 Posted: 17th July 2013     Subject:
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Here is another interview with Maxine Sanders:

Dancing with Destiny - a conversation with Maxine Sanders ... =cojKdLOrZgo
Gepubliceerd op 23 jul 2012
For the first time in many years, Maxine Sanders talks with Karagan about Witchcraft and her perceptive on the Magical workings of Witches.

Maxine was initiated into the Circle of Witchcraft in 1964. The High Priest of that Coven was Alex Sanders, known throughout the world as 'King of the Witches'. Maxine and Alex were Handfasted in 1965, and legally married in 1968.
The Sanders became household names during the sixties and seventies, dramatically bringing Witchcraft, its practices and reality into global consciousness.

It is widely acknowledged that the intense publicity surrounding the Sanders precipitated those with a leaning towards Paganism to break away from the bonds of the then rigid Christian ethic. Despite the extreme interest of the paparazzi, the many sincere Initiations performed in Maxine and Alex's Covensteads during and since that period, saw the inception and fashioned a lineage of Witchcraft that has since spread throughout the world.

Maxine is a highly respected Priestess of the Sacred Mysteries. She has encouraged, enabled and inspired students of the Priesthood to take on the conscious mantle of their spiritual potential. She believes the catalyst for that inspiration comes from the Cauldron of the Goddess in all its guises.
Morgana Post number 20011 Posted: 7th November 2013     Subject: Ethically Speaking-an interview with Maxine Sanders!
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Ethically Speaking-an interview with Maxine Sanders!

"A most wonderful interview with Maxine Sanders. A discussion on witchcraft-past and present, magic, covens and more! "

http://theilluminatinet ... ly-speaking/
Morgana Post number 25537 Posted: 7th April 2019     Subject: Initiating Seniors + Initiation & Healing effects
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Maxine Sanders: Initiating Seniors + Initiation & Healing effects on Mentally Degenerative Diseases ... ENEloSQ.html


Maxine Sanders: Replies to Query about Initiating those w/ Mentally Degenerative Diseases; the Elderly/Seniors; and the Healing effects of Initiation. ... =uJiAywD4IhI
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