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Conference: Spiritual Alchemy, KRAKOW, Poland

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Morgana Post number 19892 Posted: 30th September 2013     Subject: Conference: Spiritual Alchemy, KRAKOW, Poland
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Wiccański Krąg (Wiccan Circle) in cooperation with PFI Poland invites you to a conference on Magic and Alchemy.

KRAKÓW 23-24 August 2014

Kraków was chosen as a location for our conference for a good reason. A very popular tourist destination, rich in history and full of legends it is also a place with many links to pagan times, Magic and Alchemy. According to Eastern mystical tradition and to Enochia, the most powerful chakra of our planet and a gateway to other worlds is located in Kraków on Wawel Hill and it is at the foot of this hill that our conference will take place. Kraków was also home to John Dee and Edward Kelly for two years from 1584 to 1586 and thus it is the perfect location to learn more about the mystical, alchemical marriage of human and divine, microcosm and macrocosm, human and guardian angel, anima and animus, goddess and god, man and woman.

We believe that people from all pagan paths and various magical systems will find this subject close to their heart. We suggest you make it a holiday and stay longer in Kraków. On our website you will find more information on lectures, speakers, hotels and places to visit, together with links to photos so you can see the magic and beauty of Kraków for yourself.

We are planning to organise a social evening in one of the pubs and it will still be summer so you will probably want to stay out in many of the enchanting open air cafés and bars to experience Kraków's night life, but one has to sleep so we suggest you book your hotel early. Kraków in the tourist season is a very busy place. The conference will last two whole days, from Saturday morning to Sunday evening with lectures and workshops during the day and rituals in the evening so please book hotel for three nights. On our website we give you a list of hostels and hotels together with links to more information.

We are hoping that you will enjoy yourself and that our conference is going to be the first in a series of Central European Conferences with subsequent ones taking place in other Central European countries.
Languages: English and Polish.


Vivianne Crowley and Chris Crowley (Wicca, Kabbala):
“Wicca as Spiritual Alchemy” (talk)
Kabbalistic meditation/pathworking (workshop)
“The alchemical marriage of Moon and Sun” (rite)

Rufus Harrington (Wicca, Enochia, Hermetics):
„Enochian Magic, The Alchemy of wife swapping, and the Great Work” (talk),
“Hermetics and the Temple of the Phoenix” (workshop)
“The Enochian magic of John Dee: Opening the gates of Flame” (ritual);

Melissa Harrington (Wicca, Thelema)
“The Neo- Pagan renaissance; a historical, sociological and psychological account” (talk and discussion)
“The basic logic of contemporary ritual construction, with an example from Liber Samekh (workshop and ritual);

Jean Fowler (Wicca, OTO)
“Amrita or The Quest for the Elixir of Immortality “ (talk)

Krzysztof Azarewicz (Ordo Templi Orientis)
“Tarot and Alchemy”(talk)

Sean Cundy (Illuminates of Thanateros)
“Alphabet of Desire as a tool of self transformation” (talk)

CONFERENCE COST: 140 zł/ Euro 33 /Ł 28
Full cost must be paid by 15th March 2014.
Morgana Post number 20430 Posted: 26th February 2014     Subject:
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Latest update:


I am looking forward to seeing lots of you there [Very happy]

Bright Blessings,
Morgana Post number 21086 Posted: 5th August 2014     Subject: Meet and Greet 22 August, Krakow, Poland
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The conference will start on Friday, 22nd of August at 19.00 in a bar called 'Absynt' located in the historical district of Kazimierz, not far from the Old Town.

This is going to be a meet and greet type of meeting where all of us will have an opportunity to get to know each other and talk to our speakers. The meeting is going to be hosted by Morgana who is also going to be signing her books.

We will meet again on Saturday in the Hotel Royal next to Wawel Hill were all our lectures, workshops and rituals will take place during the weekend. Registration starts at 9 am and we aim to start lectures at 9.45.

We have a very rich programme which will be listed in detail together with maps of how to get to the bar Absynt and the Hotel Royal on our website in about two weeks.
Hope to see you all there.

Agni & Morgana

See also:

and Meet and Greet Spiritual Alchemy Conf. KRAKOW
Morgana Post number 21182 Posted: 26th August 2014     Subject:
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hi Folks,

The conference went extremely well.

Many thanks to everyone who made this weekend such a special event.

I am still in Krakow enjoying a couple of days sightseeing!

Photos to follow [Very happy]

Bright blessings,

PS I will try and answer your emails as soon as possible.
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