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Paganic Symbols on Turkish Carpets

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Sirius Nox Post number 20351 Posted: 25th January 2014     Subject: Paganic Symbols on Turkish Carpets
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Turkish carpets are famous all around the world and when you hear the word of carpet, directly visualize anatolian culture. We, all Turkish people, have carpets in our houses and still ancient symbols are used in these carpets. These symbols that found on carpets originate from turkish shaman belief and paganic roots of anatolia. These symbols are not only for visual or artistic things, they are also talismans that protect and fertilize house and family. These are actually ancient magical talismans. I want to explain some of them;

This called "elibelinde". Really ı dont know how i can translate =)) Elibelinde means "hands on waist". Designs symbolize Kybele, ancient mother goddess of Anatolia. This represents fertility, abundance and etc. Symbol explains the divinity of being mother.

Following symbols mean horn, specially ram horn. It symbolizes masculine power, so power of horned god. It means; Heroism, power, courage etc.

These symbols include combination of "hands on waist" and "horn" symbols. They symbolize balance and abundance, also some of them means cereals such as wheat, barley or corn. Also we can see pomegranate symbol, pomegranate means abundance and fertility in Anatolian culture, because it seems only one fruit but when you break the coat, you see full of little seeds.

We can see "wedding chest" symbols below. Wedding chest is significant for teenage girls because wedding chest means happy marriage, a good peaceful "perfect" house. Day by day some marriage portions and house goods are collected in wedding chest. This symbols bring good and peaceful marrige to girls or boys and healthy babies to newlyweds

These signs symbolize "tree of life". Old Turkish gok-tengri religion regards tree of life such as all other pagan religions.

And Nazar symbols we can see =)) It protects house against nazar (Evil eye)

I will continue with other symbols... =))

-Nox Noctis Est Nostri-
Prometheus Post number 20352 Posted: 25th January 2014     Subject:
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türkçe bölümünde türkçe konuşulmuyor mu: S
Morgana Post number 20355 Posted: 29th January 2014     Subject:
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hi Sirius Nox,

Many thanks for the item about pagan symbols in Turkish carpets/textiles.
I think it is fascinating. [Very happy]

@ Prometheus, yes I understand too that you think everything here should be in Turkish. That is of course the idea. To help our Turkish readers whose English is not very good.

Perhaps Sirius Nox could give a summary in Turkish too?

Greetings from Miami, USA,
Sirius Nox Post number 20392 Posted: 9th February 2014     Subject:
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Thanks, of course i can =))

Prometheus evet türkçe konuşuluyor, bunu türkçe olarakta yayınlayacağım ama Anadolu'da ki pagan köklerle ilgili bilgilendirmek adına ingilizce de yayınlamak istedim. Çünkü yabancı kaynaklar daha kısıtlı bu konuda, o açıdan burada ingilizce bir konu paylaştım. =))

-Nox Noctis Est Nostri-
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