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Pagan Parenting (Not!) by Brook

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Morgana Post number 20477 Posted: 14th March 2014     Subject: Pagan Parenting (Not!) by Brook
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As Pagans how do you bring up your children?

Pagan Parenting (Not!) by Brook

What is Pagan Parenting? It almost makes me cringe from visions of enforced religious education. My first guiding light (though I can't always hold to this ideal) is honoring the Will and the Path of each individual as she finds and follows it.

So how does one honor one's child's Will and Path (so much as that is possible) and still parent in a Pagan way? I really don't know. But I can tell you what I've done and how I practice. My practice most definitely intersects with my parenting, though perhaps not in completely obvious ways.

I am a Witch. I practice the Craft on a daily basis. I need to move the Wheel of the Year at the major sabbats, and I make seasonal altars in their time. I have done these practices throughout my child's life. I was a Witch before she was born, and I expect I will be a Witch (marked for life?) until I die. I'm a second generation Pagan, gone too far off the deep end to get back even if I wanted to, which I don't.

The Craft is ever present in my life, and so, ever present in hers. When I make oatmeal, I work my oatmeal spell. My garden and my compost are part of my magical workings. My jewelry is a piece of my daily Craft practice. I use my clothing choices as a Working.

And yet, despite the constant presence of the Craft in my life, I have never believed that it was my job to "bring my child up as a Pagan." She finds her own religious and spiritual directions. Sometimes those have intersected with mine, and sometimes they haven't. I believe that my job is to show respect for whatever religious journeys my daughter chooses to take. I most certainly explain what I believe, sometimes emphatically. But I try really hard not to tell her what she should believe.
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Erdem Post number 22569 Posted: 1st March 2016     Subject:
That is a very good and inspiring article Morgana. Thanks for this. An article that new parents need to go back to read from time to time, to remind themselves. Because I guess it is not always as easy as it looks...

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Fanbrits Post number 22771 Posted: 6th June 2016     Subject:
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Thanks for a good read. I enjoyed it. I'm new here so maybe you know anything about sport in parenting? Can we get kids to do sports? Our friens who aren't familiar with our upbrining gifted my daughter gymnastics leotards and we're trying to understand can we spoil our child with giving her into big gymnastics and help her create a carrer
Mountain Post number 24293 Posted: 6th March 2018     Subject:
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I like this, CHEERS. [Smile] -Mt.
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