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Arani Post number 22074 Posted: 14th July 2015     Subject: Handcrafted Creations
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Hello Everyone!
As I saw that there are some people here who do make their own magical tools, jewelery accessories, house decorations and so on I would like to bring back to life this topic and invite you all to share the things that you have made with your own hands.
This is my apple blossom inspired earrings I just made:
Ulmus Post number 22081 Posted: 17th July 2015     Subject:
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Wow, that's amazing [Very happy] How did you make them ? It's like canva's thread, isn't it?
Arani Post number 22085 Posted: 17th July 2015     Subject: Thank You for your kind words Ulmus!
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Actually this is micro-macrame technique - that means you need to make different knots in order to achieve the desired design. It looks hard, but its really simple once you get your hands in it [Very happy]. I will post another things I made as well, but I wanted to inspire more people to do so as I would love to see what other people have made or are making right now. So everyone - feel free to show to our community your hidden or not so hidden artistic talent [Very happy].

Bright Blessings!
Ulmus Post number 22123 Posted: 2nd August 2015     Subject:
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That's a great idea ! As for me I try to learn crochet, and it doesn't seem that difficult but I can't manage to read the patterns haha... But I suppose everything will be ok if I just keep training (I hope so!) [Very happy]

I hope you'll keep showing what you make, and that other people will be motivated to do the same [Smile]
Arani Post number 22148 Posted: 22nd August 2015     Subject: Desert Sunset Bracelet
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Ok, during the hot summer we had here in Bulgaria I had this idea inspired by the Scheherazade tales and the beautiful summer sunsets so I thought why not combining both and create something that looks like the beautiful sunsets in the arabian desert. I hope you like it [Smile]

Morgana Post number 22151 Posted: 23rd August 2015     Subject:
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Hi Arani,

I love Amber and this is so similar in colour!


Hope you are having a good summer,
Bright blessings,
Arani Post number 22209 Posted: 21st September 2015     Subject: Celtic Bracelet
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Thank you Morgana. I had wonderful summer, but now my favorite season is coming and I am having a lot of ideas which I will try to do and share the results here for those who are interested.

Meanwhile I have made this Celtic bracelet and I hope you like it.

Bright Blessings Everyone and Happy and Abundant Autumn!
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