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Shamanic Dances of Romania

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Morgana Post number 22418 Posted: 19th December 2015     Subject: Shamanic Dances of Romania
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Shamanic Dances of Romania

Romanian ancient traditions of Dances of Goat, Bear and Creatures called Capra of the Winter Solstice and New Years and are done to clear out shadows and dark spirits. Suceava, Romania, and Bucovina and Moldova. What is really beautiful about this (these) traditions, was when Christian men came into Slavic and Balkan lands and they thought they would just eradicate all the women’s prehistory (pre-pagan) traditions and stop them from doing this with the men. The pagan men had other plans, they just took them and rolled into the Christian traditions instead and invited the Christians in the ceremonies, that is why you see the military, the priests, men dressed as old women and shadow creatures which religion tried to exclude.

See: Capra 2014:

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https://eldermountain.w ... -of-romania/

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