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Appeal: Green man honey and student research project

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Morgana Post number 23708 Posted: 15th September 2017     Subject: Appeal: Green man honey and student research project
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Green man honey and student research project
https://www.kickstarter ... arch-project

About this project

Hello and thank you for your interest in my project. If you like what you see, please feel free to share this project with your friends.

Green Man Honey is a small business that I have been wanting to set up for a while now. It will be also my own Student Research Project which will run for many years to come.

I came to Britain over five years ago from Europe with my (at the time) music company. 18 Years of my life was spent helping musicians get their dreams. In 2012 I had decided to help British musicians and moved to London. I worked as hard as I could but the music industry crashed, funding cut and the business I built was failing.

In 2014 I met my now wife and decided a new start and a new career was an option. In 2015 now settled up with my wife and my son I started on the new path doing a land-based course helping the environment. I knew that beekeeping alongside my studies was my dream. I applied to start university in 2016 and got a place doing a four-year degree in Zoology. The law regarding student finance was “EU citizens can claim as a home student when they have been resident in the UK for three years”. This means I could study, start-up my beekeeping part time and help with the family finances. My stepson is disabled and my wife cares for him full-time so money is always tight.

In March 2016 the law changed in getting student finance from three years to five years, and I had at that time been here four years. Now I could only get tuition fees but nothing to live on. I was advised to start in September 2017 as I would be entitled to full funding. I spent the time sorting at the family home as we flooded due to a burst pipe. I also helped my wife to find a specialist school for my stepson as my wife would love to be a midwife and wishes to study in the future.

I applied for funding again but my evidence that was accepted in the previous year was declined, even after appeal. I now have had to apply as an EU student for a tuition fee loan. This now means the family income will be even more stretched as my wife will be paying for my costs. I am not entitled to get any kind of scholarship, bursary or hardship fund. I cannot even apply for any kind of benefits which could help me to support my family. As soon as I'm settled in my course at University I want to find a part-time job to be able to support my family.

Beekeeping will also bring the family a bit more income and will enhance my studies as I am using the degree to be a conservation beekeeper to help increase the bee population. In my studies, I focus on Conservation Ecology, Behavioural Ecology, Insect Biology and Wildlife Management. I am also planning to use the beekeeping aspect as a research project for my dissertation. After my BSc Hons. degree, I would like to stay at University and do a Masters degree with a focus on Honey Bees, Insect Diseases, Pollination, Wildlife and Environmental Conservation related research and field study subjects. It would be fantastic to have the chance to do a PhD in years to come but that is something I will look into when the time is right.

The money from this Kickstarter Project is needed to buy four Bee Colonies, three British National Beehives, the material for two Top Bar Beehives and some other equipment to keep my bees healthy and produce, harvest and process raw-honeys, beeswax and bee products. It will also help to cover the first two months of my comprehensive health insurance which I need as an EU Student. At the end of the first year, I will be able to sell some of my produce at local farmers markets and finance the second year, and round goes the wheel.

In case the amount of money this project will raise is more than the needed goal, I will invest it very wisely into my project.

Your support would mean the world to me and my family and is not just supporting me but also the environment. If you want to bee part of my project, my bees and I will reward you with sweet and enlightening things. You can choose from 100 different rewards. Why not take the chance and buy some gifts for your friends and family? Most of the rewards will be ready for shipping in the middle of November. They will arrive in early December which gives you more time to relax and having a good time without stressful gift shopping trips.

After the successful Kickstarter Project, I'm going to post weekly updates about making the rewards and beekeeping related education videos on my new Green Man Honey YouTube Channel.

Your feedback is very important to me. Please feel free to contact me for more information or any wishes!

MoV (Green Man)

Risks and challenges

I am doing my best to setup safe and environment-friendly apiaries. I will make sure that there will be inspections on a regular basis. The apiaries will be also observed by using Wildlife Cameras as part of CCTV and for research related statistics.

Beekeeping is always a risk. No one knows if the weather will be good enough for the bees and all the different varieties of crops, wildflowers and other nectar sources. There can be bee related diseases, environmental problems, damages to the beehives and many other things. There will be also backup Nucleus Hives which I need to be able to raise my own queens and breed my own bees. My colonies will not be treated with chemicals. I am using herb-based treatments!

In the case, in some years my colonies produce a surplus of bees/queens and I cannot keep them due to not enough free space in the apiaries or not enough empty hives, I will offer them at an affordable price to my fellow beekeepers or people who want to start with beekeeping. I am more than happy to support people and communities who want to start with keeping bees. I will use the profit from those sales to maintain, replace and extend the equipment.

The production of Candles relays on the availability of high-quality beeswax. I'm just buying naturally produced high-quality beeswax and nothing else. My beeswax is sourced from Beekeepers who work their bee colonies in a sustainable way. At the moment I have the option to buy enough high-quality beeswax to produce the whole job lot of beeswax products as offered for this Kickstarter project. So please don't hesitate to pledge as long as there are rewards available!
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