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Dancing with Deity: The Sacred Art of Possession, AMSTERDAM

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Morgana Post number 24466 Posted: 10th May 2018     Subject: Dancing with Deity: The Sacred Art of Possession, AMSTERDAM
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Dancing with Deity: The Sacred Art of Possession

16 June - 17 June, 2018
16 June at 10:00 to 17 June at 17:00
Dancing with Deity: The Art of Sacred Possession
A two-day weekend intensive in Amsterdam

with Raven Edgewalker and Gede Parma (Fio)

Sliding scale: 120-200 Euros.

We will have two solidarity spaces (no financial cost)*, and a sliding scale to ensure greater accessibility. The venue will be wheelchair accessible.

In our witchcraft and magic we dance and court the Divine in myriad forms and ways. We call, conjure and invoke spirit-beings. We connect and commune with our Ancestors. We journey entranced and discover Mystery. We also work to ready, strengthen and open our bodies as strong containers to carry the Gods and Spirits in what many traditions may call possession, drawing down the moon, being ridden, or aspecting.

To do this work we require our human willingness, presence and vulnerability - to truly meet the Divine Ones and let them touch us as we touch them. In this workshop we will deepen into and cultivate Sovereignty of Self and Self-Knowledge. We will court deep, devotional and ever more intimate relationships with the Divine. We will explore the sacred art, the grace, grit and compassion of tending and witnessing. We will learn the skills of negotiation, of setting and relaxing boundaries, of making contracts or pacts in which all participants in the sacred exchange are mutually benefited. We will explore coming back from potent and ecstatic states and the integration of experience in the here and now.

We ask that witches and spirit-workers intrigued by this work be willing to commit to suggested practices four weeks prior to the intensive. This work is personal, daily practice which includes hand-outs with offerings and suggestions and will take around 20 minutes of your day. This path is considered to be intermediate-advanced work, we are open to people who have a well established personal practice and relationships with spirits, deities, and/or other mysterious ones. If you're unsure if this workshop is for you, please contact us!

*In recognition that financial circumstance often correlates to systems of privilege and oppression, two free spaces will be held for folks who are Indigenous, of Colour, Queer, Trans, single parents, or who are living with disability or mental illness. If you wish to take one of these spaces, simply e-mail and fill out the google form ignoring the questions regarding deposits.
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