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The first true book about Cosmos and Man

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Antik Post number 24536 Posted: 7th June 2018     Subject: The first true book about Cosmos and Man
Hello, I want to offer you my book on esoteric and magic, maybe it will interest you...
(This is a secure link to the Russian online library)

Helen Meier

The first true book about Cosmos and Man.


1. The origin and structure of the cosmos.
2. Soul. Mechanisms of evolution. What awaits us after death.
3. The nature of emotions.
4. Predators and herbivores, as the basis for understanding this world and all living creatures.
5. Natural laws.
6. About me. Where I studied.
7. Children and parents. Who we give birth to and who gives birth to us.
8. What is Zion. Who control the planet. Myths about Reptiloids.
9. The origin of humanity, the roots of all race and their role in the world.
10. Dead civilizations of the Earth.
11. The real truth about the World War 2.
12. Opening of extrasensory abilities.
13. The creaturs of the astral world.
14. Methods of astral battle.
15. Funeral rite and caring for the soul of the deceased.
16. Who are the gods. Analysis of all world religions.
17. Who is Shiva. About Yoga.
18. About world. The fight of the white race.
19. Nutrition systems, dietology, healing.
20. Individual development for middle souls.
21. What punishment awaits fools and lazy people.
22. My contacts.

* Just in case, I sorry if my English is not very correct and I made mistakes in the text, I learned English myself. I'm from Russia

And a request to the readers, if you find errors in the syntax, then write to me please, maybe I wrong way building text.

1. The origin and structure of the cosmos.

I describe what I saw and felt thanks to my extrasensory abilities. Structure of the Cosmos.
Imagine the ball. In the first outer layer there is absolutely nothing, there disappears energy, it is emptiness beyond which there is nothing.
The second layer is something cold as death, in my senses, it is static and in harmony.
The third layer is dark chaos, where energy is moving with mad speed, it's dangerous to touch it, because this space starts to destroy you.
The fourth inner, this is the Cosmos in which we live, here there is the Spirit and Mind, here the ordered energy and life. Our Cosmos, like us, consists of layers according to the principle of bodies, that is: in the center we have a physical body, then comes a less dense etheric, astral, mental, soul bodies. We exist in the densest layer of the cosmos in physical body, because around us the physical world and we have a physical body, but if we go further into space, then there will be no stars, planets of solid matter, there creaturs, planets and stars live on energy level and don't have a physical body, their lives are just as rich, just it's a few different forms of life.

Galaxies in space it's like the body cells, they provide life and movement, each galaxy has its own function in space, its energy. Stars are energy charges of these cells, maybe as electrons, and planets are storehouse of resources.

Cosmos consists of Areas of the differend energies. This energies was formed when the great Spirit and Reason awakened. This energies are the basic energies of this world and human emotions (hatred, contempt, fear, love, envy, joy, fire, water and many other varieties), I have not yet studied all the Areas and all energies.

Spirit and Mind woke up like this:
In the cold static Nothing created tension, the Mind and Spirit wanted to wake up and the energies began to move and counter-clockwise, thus there appeared the Raja (active, aggressive, predatory, male) gunas and Tamas (passive, feminine), their fusion in some proportion awakened the Spirit, Reason, Cosmos. Further in this Cosmos, as a result of mixing gunas in different ratios appear different energies. This energies - the result of the harmonious fusion of these gunas in some proportion, there energies with middle energy (Herbivores) rotate counter-clockwise, there are predatory energy - clockwise, energies formed Areas in the Cosmos. Reasonable creatures divided into the original cosmic Clans, which are divided into many clans, depending on the level of development of its members, the functions and tasks performed. As many Areas of differend energies and so many clans.
If the energy is predatory, then the clan inhabiting its Area is also predatory, because the souls of the members of this clan originated in the Area of this predatory energy.

You can see the born of energies and mind in miniature, take an empty space in front of you and twist energy in different directions, mix them with each other and see what happens. Should obtain in result a reasonable entities, energies with different qualities.

* The energies have their own set of qualities, their space they occupy in the Universe. We live in the Area of the energy which is located in the chest.

All natural objects created by natural means (minerals, plants, animals, planets, stars, elements (water, fire... ) have intellect and soul, because around and inside us is the Great Spirit and Mind and from it everything is born. Accordingly, any newborn bacterium has a mind. Each of us was once a chemical element of some kind of matter (part of it), a plant, an animal, now the soul has grown to the level of a human, and has the ability to grow to the level of God. Gods be in different levels, the highest-level of the Creators, Demiurges. There are souls of the level of animals and the level of Gods live in human bodies, they have different levels of perception, thinking and tasks in life.

Middle souls are herbivores, they feed on natural energy.
Predatory souls, they hunt for someone else's energy and souls.

Man can learn to see and communicate with the great Spirit-Mind that is everywhere, to welcome it, for this you must be able to enter into thin layer this reality, at the soul level, the Spirit is something beautiful, rational and perfect.

The Cosmos is arranged as a human, it has top and bottom, head and limbs. Areas of differend energies are located in the Cosmos like in man, for example, such feelings as envy and hatred are in the person around the chest and neck, so Areas this energies in the Space are near. There are Areas located in the region of the head of Cosmos, the beings born there perform the role of brain cells in the Cosmos, they are embodied in other Areas and can influence the development of other peoples and worlds.

The Universe is divided into layers, as a person, it has a physical, etheric, astral, mental and body of the soul. In each of these layers there are different forms of life. This is completely my discovery, except that i began to understand this after a hint in different sources that there are different worlds and layers of being. So:

8 pantheon of cosmic gods (Absolute) - the highest level, there are the highest Demiurges, keepers of time and space, stay away from them, you can get a hit if you do not know how to behave with the gods.

7 pantheon of the gods - there are Demiurges and controllers, the keepers of cosmic balans between representatives of different Areas. Their place in the body of the Universe is the center of the brain.

6 pantheons of gods - this is the level on which dwell the gods Creators of cosmic Areas with different first- born energies, these pantheons as many as Areas and kinds of first- born energies.

5 pantheon of the gods - is the national egregores and their gods.

4 level is the astral world, where the astral beings of the higher and lower astral live.

3 level is the physical world, here the main people.

2 level - is the plan on which the family genus is located, there live the astral copies of the dead members of family clan, these astral copies are controlled by the cosmic clan that stand behind them, these copies affect those who are embodied in their family clan, serve them, extract or steal energy for various purposes.

1 level is the realm of the dead, the level on which the souls of dead people dwell immediately after death until they go in their cosmic clan, at this level can also inhabit unrest souls. When the soul assumes its death and calms down, then the astral entities help it to get rid of the astral and mental body, they destroy these bodies and the soul flies to the home. So the creatures that feed on the energy of the dead fulfill an important function.

As i wrote there are predatory souls and herbivores, so the higher gods of the 7th pantheon are called herbivores -"middle", in this souls and the original energies in base are vortex twisted counter clockwise.
Why middle? Because there are absolutely neutral souls between predators and middle, they occupy a pofigistic position, they are neither for middle, nor for predatory, they are for justice and balance. It turns out judges, middle, predatory. The difference in the degree of needs. Judges they do not hunt for resources and energy, they are connected to the cosmos, they act in its interests, the middle ones are fighting for territory, energy, power. Predators fight for territory, power, plus the energy of a stranger's soul. A different degree of selfishness, judges serve the Cosmos, in this their egoism, middle and predatory serve themselves.

2. Soul. Mechanisms of evolution. What awaits us after death.

A human consists of a physical body, an etheric body, astral body (body of emotions and energy), the mental body (thoughts and images), they are destroyed after death.
The fourth body of the soul, in Hinduism it is called the buddhi body that is all our past experience, programs and skills.

The third body of the soul. Into it, during the incarnation programs are download for survival in Area in which the soul of man has come.

The second body of the soul, it is connected with our cosmic clan, with Area in Universe from where we flew and originated, on this body are recorded the tasks for the incarnation, our mission, after death in this body there is an analysis of the incarnation, work on the mistakes.

The first body of the soul is connected with the Cosmos, the Spirit, is responsible for the common cosmic worldview, with the help of this body it is possible to embrace and understand the Cosmos.

Another souls can sit down on the body of your soul and the person loses connection with his native cosmic clan, ceases to feel the true nature of his soul, also begins to depend on the person who sat down on the soul, does not represent his life without him, can not independently develop himself, move through life. It's teachers, gods, husbands, parents, those who dominate us or those for whom we have become debtors.

Human have astral twin from birth. After death, if everything is good, the soul must go into his cosmic clan, if it has not done anything bad and not stuck in the lower astral worlds. The astral twin of human remains in the earth family clan in the astral field of the earth, so you can know all your ancestors, if contact with family members on astral.

3. The nature of emotions.

Emotions are the first-borns energies of which our subtle bodies are composed, so if the differend energies form Areas in Cosmos, then there are such Areas with the energy of pity, fear, envy, but this energies are not so bad in pure form. The souls born in these Areas are based on energies of this place. It is important to know from where your soul has come, from what Area with what energy, who are you, predator or herbivorous, to get contact with your main god of your cosmic clan and native race, the race of humanoids from where your soul flew. Say: i (name) greeting my patron from my cosmic clan from where my soul flew first time on earth. Anthropoid white people, Reptiloids, something like big sensible Cats, some of them are similar to demons, Cosmos is very diverse. When you see the souls, then you learn to distinguish who from where.

4. Predators and herbivores, as the basis for understanding this world and all living creatures.

The world of people and gods is a reflection of the animal kingdom, the predator eats herbivore and lives of it. There are middle souls, they do not tie anyone to themselves, they receive energy from nature where they live, if they live in Areas of middle energies, predatory souls live on someone else's energy, they can also receive it from cosmic objects and Areas with Predatory nature, and they hunt, their spiritual bodies need somebody else's energy for survival and development. The young predatory souls act rudely, they take energy and resources with the help of brute force, for this they are punished and revenge, some predatory souls commit such crimes that their souls for this destroy forever. The high predatory souls have the instinct of self-preservation, they try to get energy by peaceful means, for example, they exchange something for something, for knowledge, for their protection, for money and material benefits, they catch people on their shortcomings, in their thirst freebie, on cowardice and stupidity, when a person does not want to think with his head and develop independently, he falls under a black teacher or patron, a middle woman under a predatory husband. The soul is not able to live independently risks to become food for more developed soul, if you do not want to live, give energy to the one who wants. Suicides, or those who do not want to live and think about death are potential victims of predators.

All peoples of the earth have different cosmic gods, predatory or middle. The white race has middle gods, the rest nations and races have patrons of predatory gods.
According to the laws of nature, we can observe it in animals, two competing species that eat one type of food, can not live peacefully on one territory, a strong species displace the weak. The strongest survive, each species struggles for its prosperity, for resources, for territory, for power. One species can not be friends with another, there are no equal relations, one always dominates the other. Such friendship is always to the detriment of one. Middle for predator is food, a resource for survival, predator for middle - a parasite and killer. If representative of one species begins to act in the interests of another species, then he betrays himself and his family, he is a suicide. If he allows other species to live on his territory, he endangers the survival of his species. The intersection of two different species is a step towards the disappearance of one species and way to improve the breed for another species. Self-sacrifice and internationalism are unnatural suicidal things. If you want happiness, wealth, prosperity, then serve your species (land, resources, food, only for your own clan, otherwise death and extinction).

By the way you can see how much energy was stolen from you with a box of juice with tube, you say and visualize that the juice is your life energy and the energy potential of the soul, and the box is a person who suspects theft and quickly drink and look at your condition. If you meet a person who looks at you with greedy eyes, tries to get into your life, he does't need you, he want what you have, siddhi, attributes, good karma, life energy, soul energy, suck you and to throw out.

* Siddhis - are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities.

The degree of your charge and enthusiasm for life depends on whether someone is sitting on your soul, whether you are standing by other people's will. Under the teachers, under the authority, under the parents, the women under the predatory soul men, in a state of loneliness feel this. Besides the predatory and middle souls in the Cosmos there are gray souls, they are beyond our struggle. They are without emotion, occasionally smiling, they are watching equilibrium of the world. Externally darkish lips, thin in gray robes, it worse than death to become one of them, they showed me a little what it is to be them, this living inside dies, and you feel yourself part of the Cosmos, merge with it, and down there these middle and predators people are fighting for life and energy.
Gray is the former middle and predators who did not want or couldn't live and fight anymore, they just died, their inner state is merging with the Cosmos and necrosis, they have no emotions. They do not have chakras, they are dead. They keep a balance between middle and predatory souls.

There are souls of Space executioners, the place where they originated is at the very bottom of the Cosmos, the Great Spirit and Reason created them to punish middle and predatory souls for some crimes. At the bottom of the Cosmos, does not mean in ass, in ass there is a space with the energy of water, as in our lower chakra. In analogy with living beings it's teeth, that part of the body that is responsible for protection and survival, these hangmen are teeth, or like the tail of a scorpion in the Cosmos.

5. Natural laws.

Natural laws for middle and predatory souls, a measure of responsibility and punishment.

By nature different requirements for middle and predators, predators try to kill and steal tenderly so that the victim voluntarily surrendered the resources. High predatory souls are cunning and crooks, they all try to shift responsibility for their robberies and murders to others, like to act by someone else's hands. Their conscience does not torment, i myself was in the skin of predator, i was changed mind, so people look like prey, no sympathy and pity, is only food, this is a subhuman, an underdeveloped creature can be used and eaten, only strong in nature has the right to life and resources, the other servants and food.

High and developed souls know many natural laws, can correctly communicate with any creature of the Cosmos and feel good in any society.

6. About me. Where i studied.

I was born in 1984, esoteric i started studying in 2000 year.
I belong to the white German family lineage.
After the lessons of biology abandoned Christianity, just thought that there is a god, how it is arranged, that there is a soul, whether have animals the soul, during this period i find a yoga school, masters of this school were the Zion magicians. They attack me on the astral, trying to drive me insane and led to suicide, but i survived, i was lucky. They did such things, they put me in the energy flow, that i did not eat and did not sleep for 8 days (yes, really not a minute slept for 8 days !!!), a shocking experience. They could control my body from a distance, push it, beat it, that i could faint and die, voices in the head can be heard as if the real people are talking near. They made me hunger for 32 days, (32 days no food), after which i was taken to the hospital from a toxicosis.
Then the psychologist approached me and began to persuade me so, here in Moscow there is a heavenly place, hospital No. 1, even famous people with problems of eating disorders (anorexics) are treated there, well, I agreed (many are underway) and this turned out to be a psychiatric clinic if you get there, then youcease to be considered a man, I was forced to strip naked before a man, to wash and change clothes, after 4 days I was released home. Boring there, little books, you can not watch TV, you can not walk along the corridor, toilets open, while someone pisses other patients stand by and smoke cigarettes, personal things are all locked up, one entertainment to chat with the most normal alcoholics, so itís interesting experience.

A little bit about my adventures in astral, mages mocked and had fun at me, besides the real vision, they created me many illusions that i did not realize where reality was. For example, with very clear vision and hearing next to me, there were some sort of creatures and astral twins these magicians all day and night, life behind the glass, they was always with me, everywhere, in the bathroom, in the outhouse, they know and comment all my thoughts and feelings, the psyche of this just on the brink, wildly embarrassing, but then i get used to it. I begin to appreciate solitude alone with yourself, when you have not seen any entities yet and have not heard anyone. The important is not to listen to what they say and not be afraid, they can say that someone is going to kill you or someone else has clairvoyance and telepathy and he hears you, but often this is a lie. Profit this communication, that you can talk with any gods and astral doubles of any people, play with them in energy and psychological games and defeat them psychologically and energetically, this greatly develops the intellect and in life you stop being afraid and shy of people from any class, at least a king, even a billionaire, even Supermodel, you saw more stronger ones in the astral. Also exchanging sexual energy with them and mastering tantra, you get astral sex with those astral people with whom you want.

7. Children and parents. Who we give birth to and who gives birth to us.

Several variations of the relationship of parents and children in the aspect of middle and predatory souls.

1. Both or one parent with predatory soul, a child with middle. As result, parents spend their entire lives trying to drink the vital energy of the child, in his childhood he almost without energy, weak with an overlapped perception of the world, robbed of abilities and attributes. They tie the child to old age, constantly reproaching him. These parents feed the child to the pig condition, so that the child grew weak and they could pity and kick him. If the child could not free his soul, this is a 40-year old looser, he either hates his parents or loves and can't live without them. If he does not free from them until his death, he has chance after death to go to the cosmic clan of one of the parents, where his soul will be eaten. It's important to be able to see the soul of person, just ask how the soul of your parent looks in the astral world, and if the parent is predator, you will be very surprised to see either a demon or a vampire. If nature of creature the hunts for others and live at another's energy, then its soul looks correspondingly, the planet on which it's creature was formed, from whom animals. When you see the soul of the parent, it is easier to understand that this creature is alien to you and what it wants to do with you, it will help to get out of the predatory parent and free your soul. When the Middle liberates his soul, then he is radically transformed, new abilities and perception of the world.

2. Middle parents and a predatory child. Here the reverse situation, this small vampire will try to steal energy and ride on parents until old age, so that after his birth they will turn into old men.

Predatory parents can't be beaten (in the astral sense), we must peacefully leave, otherwise nature will punish the middle man.
And predatory child don't have the right to eat the soul of a middle parents after death.

3. Predatory parents and predatory child. If predators from the same cosmos clan, this is the most harmonious relationship. There is strength and prosperity here. With good relations, energy support and mutual assistance in life. In the relationship between predators can be competition and they can drink each other, there is a fight for supremacy, training. Predators steals each other's energy if they come from different cosmic clans, from different cosmic Areas.

*Family clan is a community of souls on the astral, which are united by one surname, they belong to the same national egregor (Russians, Germans... )

8. What is Zion. Who control the planet. Myths about Reptiloids.

* Zion, also transliterated Sion, Sayon, Syon, Tzion or Tsion, is a placename often used as a synonym for Jerusalem.

They flew from the Area with predatory energy, this energy is in Area of the neck near the spine, they represent the cosmic clan of the star Zion (the mountain was named after this star), this is an old star with planets with depleted resources, so that they survived and started this whole plan in turning solar System into its colony. And at the same time catch the souls that they feed on. Yes, they really came on flying ships a few hundred thousand years ago, their physical bodies are bipedal reasonable reptilians, they have done a lot of nasty things since then. All global wars and cataclysms on earth are the result of their activities, now they live underground and water. They are powerful magicians, they began to incarnate souls from Zion into human bodies to take root our civilizations and destroy us from within, by using false religions and esoteric teachings.

What is happening on Earth now is like the film " Battlefield Earth: "A Saga of the Year 3000", so they are the monsters from the film, the middle souls and white race is a people.

Now they want to take power over our Earth, they said that in 100 years the Earth will be theirs, because now here souls are incarnation from Zion and white race are being killed.

There are different people with soul from Zion in the world, but many have a common trait, these are wild, cold eyes, the example is actors Anthony Hopkins, Joaquin Phoenix, Ralph Fiennes (they are scumbags inside).

9. The origin of humanity, the roots of all race and their role in the world.

This is the question of how the first person appeared on Earth, i do not believe in the origin of the monkey, and even archaeologists have not found this intermediate link between a man and ape or at least a Neanderthal man. It's monkey originated from man, from creatures, who have transgressed the facet of humanity and become cannibals, this destroys the soul by lowering it to an animal level. If you learn to feel the energy and mind of monkeys, you will understand what they are abnormal, something in them from the maniacs of cannibals. Not all monkeys, those that are small, nature has created it. This chimpanzee is from people, more precisely from unsuccessful genetic experiments between human and natural monkey genes.

So this is my version of the appearance of man, rather not the version, but what i learned from the astral esoteric way. In space many of sensible races who are looking for suitable planets for the life, when the planet is ready for the appearance on it of an sensible life. Mars and Phaeton (the planet between it and the Earth) was habitable, the same green plants and oxygen, about 675 thousand years ago people from the neighboring galaxy arrived there and created their bases there, these people were about 13 foot tall, blonde, looking like white race. On the Phaeton and Mars gravity is less than on Earth and they could be there, so the Earth was uncomfortable for them, too heavy for such growth and weight, so they created a human body of our size in their bioengineering laboratories on the basis of their genes, it was a woman, then they created a male and began to populate the Earth with people of a white race. In the Internet on sites about forbidden archeology there is a photo of giants skeletons, these are skeletons of those people from Phaeton. This planet was chosen not only by them, but earlier the reptiloids from Zion also visited here, they changed the fauna of the Earth by throwing huge predators into the ocean and brought here huge dinosaurus, build a couple of bases and watch their beast, prepare for the settlement of these planets by intelligent beings with a modified genetics more suitable to local conditions (atmosphere). They were going to embody in these intelligent beings souls from Zion, for the colonization of the planet, as well as the Giants were going to embody in the white race souls from their cosmic clan. White giants destroyed these dinosaurus, before they brought to Earth the first humans. Nonsense these scientists data, that dinosaurs lived here millions of years ago, their conclusions are based on the degree of mineralization of bones, but this depends on the surrounding conditions in which the bone was, for example they also found dinosaur bones without mineralization with hemoglobin, and millions of years ago there was not enough oxygen on the Earth for such large animals to live here. There are rock carvings of ancient tribes, where dinosaurs are depicted. Still these bones are found at shallow depths, but the soil layer is constantly thickening, if millions of years had passed, we would not have got to those bones. When the white giants arrived on these 3 planets, the forces of the reptiloids were too small and they were destroued, then 650 thousand years ago they returned with a huge fleet and there was a war, they had bombs in the form of a capsule of enormous power, on Mars this bomb spawned enormous waves that destroyed life on, then they blew up the bomb in the ozone layer, it destroyed this layer, burned out oxygen and burned everything that was on land, on Mars there are frozen oceans, that's what remains after the destruction of the atmosphere. In Phaeton reptiloids managed to lay the bombs that destroued this planet to pieces. It sounds fantastic, but everything is logical, Phaethon and Mars were about the same size as the Earth, the same distance from the Sun, the fact of the existence of a Phaethon proved by scientists, in itself or from a comet, he could not be destroued. Mars now in this condition, as after atomic war, it is not in the phase that the planet undergoes in its evolution, when it is first red-hot, it has a thin crust, constant eruptions, then the layer of crust thickens, the oceans and atmosphere are formed, Mars already with thick bark and frozen oceans, Mars was passed that stage of evolution, when it formed life. The skeletons of giants are found by archaeologists. There are myths about dragons, it is unlikely to be a product of violent fantasy, so people were in contact with huge reptilians. This is not an official history and archeology, because the world Zionist government does not need people to know the truth. After the destruction of Phaeton and Mars, some of the Giants hid on Earth. And a great confrontation began.

By this way the first white man appeared on Earth, he was light-eyed and blond and the middle Aryan soul was embodied in him. Next, they multiply a little and the question of the appearance of other races. Not only they were so clever, on the earth wanted to incarnate their representatives and other cosmic clans. The next was the appearance of Asians. They were created by reptiloids, they stole white gene material, added to it their own genes and created a black-haired, narrow-eyed humanoid, and then stole a white woman and make black-haired narrow-eyed baby. When you find the first Asian on the earth in the astral and you start looking for his mother and father, a white woman appears and narrow-eyed black-haired humanoid. Appearance of Niggers, they were created by reptiloids, first they crossed the monkey with the Asian and then crossed this monkey-like creature with a white man. Niggers and dark-skinned peoples is the result of crossing of monkeys and human genes. And from these three species all the peoples of the earth appeared. Of course there were other alien interventions and transformations, but i write about the main ones. That is, if a person has brown eyes and dark hair, then he has an Asian gene, and possibly a monkey. So some people are descended from monkeys. So blondes people with blue eyes are absolute biorobots. For the comfort of those who have brown eyes and dark hair, who consider themselves members of white race, i can say that the natural people, our white ancestors who created our body, also came from creatures somewhat like lemurs, only on another planet. All cosmic races originated from animals, but specifically on our earth the human body is not the result of evolution, but the result of genetic engineering.

If a person has Jewish blood and one of his ancestors was Jewish, this does not mean that a person is Jewish. When the soul incarnates on the Earth, it enters into the family genus. Family genus is a community of souls in the astral field of the Earth. The family genus is associated with the national egregor. There are German family clans, there are Russian, Chinese, Jewish... In this way the nationality of person depends on the kind of astral family it is in. For example, the Negro and Chinese have given birth to the child of the half-breed and child does not know who he is, but if you look at the astral family of his soul, you can tell what nationality he is, regardless of the genes of another nationality and race. So that a man with dark hair and brown eyes may be in the Aryan family genus and person with blue eyes and blond hair can be in the Jewish family genus. Family genus affects the energy and consciousness of person. A person may have several percent of Asian or Jewish genes, but if his soul is in the Aryan family genus, then these alien genes do not matter.

But there is a certain percentage of dark genes with which a person can not be in the white Aryan family, because the genes contain the information of ancestors, racial and national egregores, if person has dark skin, then he will not get into the white genus. For example, if person has more than 7% monkeys genes and 5% Asian genes, then he will not get into the white genus. I have 2% monkey genes and 2% Asian genes. I can see how many monkey genes and Asian genes are in you.

This Area is in the region of chest of the Cosmos, there are other middle Areas with middle energies, i'm from another middle Area.
But it's even more interesting if you learn to see the souls of people, from where they came and understand their biological appearance look, we study all the cosmic diversity on our planet, we communicate with other species, develop, compete, become stronger.

10. Dead civilizations of the Earth.

On Earth, there were several highly developed white civilizations with advanced technologies and even nuclear weapons, all of them were destroyed. About all i will not write, you'll find out if you want, I'll write about Atlantis. Atlantis was destroyed physically by the Reptilian Zionians, so I see these black spaceships and this fiery trash. Zionists do not allow any white human civilization to develop too much to keep humanity at primitive level of stick and flint, they still want to destroy the present civilization. For to destroy civilization, it must first be disintegrated from within, for this false religions and doctrines are being introduced into the minds of people. The king of Atlantis was with a middle soul, and his son incarnated from Zion, before the destruction of Atlantis, this son with part of the people fled and founded the Egyptian civilization. In Egypt, at first there were white kings and lived the people of the white race. In Atlantis there was strong Zion magician, he to get into the highest priestly council, from where he influenced the worldview of the simple Atlanteans by morally decomposing them. Together with the son of the king of Atlantes, he fled to Egypt and there he participated in the creation of a new Egyptian religion. Where they were able to made the biomutants, these pharaohs with an abnormal elongated form of the skull. They created a religion with the gods Animals, for the moral decay of the white Egyptians, they placed the animal gods above the human, which contributed to the degradation of the inhabitants and they forgot about their native gods and their true kind and began to mix with other race, thereby weakening Egypt and giving it to the Arab tribes. Conclusion, you must not forget your roots and your own gods, otherwise such people are doomed to become a breeding ground for other folks.

11. The real truth about the World War 2.

The World War 2 was organized by the world Zionist government, they know who they are, where they came from and why they were there, the purpose of this war was to destroy the white race to the maximum and earn money, the Germans are the greatest nation on the earth. The national and racial idea was just an excuse, rich and influential Jews were allowed to flee, and ordinary Jews were used as meat, as a racial ideological reason for the creation of the Hitler regime. They understood that the Jewish people would survive in modern European civilization, they must make untouchable martyrs of them, so they sacrificed the poorest, inferior part of the Jewish population. Germany was doomed, the world government threw the whole world on it (Allied armies), Hitler and his entourage were the Zionists pawns, they spat on the white race and the German people (Hitler and his entourage were not Germans, with such ugly faces), it's commanders the German army specifically gave such orders that the war dragged on, they did not need a quick victory. Even the highest German generals were not aware of the plot, they really believed in their strength and quick victory, but those who stood over them began hindering the victory of the German army, they needed more white blood and money, besides they were quite comfortable the Stalinist communist regime and they did not want to overthrow him (communism is Zionism in its pure form). At that time the German army was indeed the strongest. And all this Hitler gang after the war fled to the countries of the third world, they did not die. When the white Aryan race and Scandinavian culture are destroyed, then the Zionists (reptilians) will become owner of the earth.

By the way, all world governments of all contries are under the Zion.

12. Opening of extrasensory abilities.

By extrasensory abilities i mean clairaudience and telepathy (the ability to hear the creatures of the astral world, the astral twins (phantom) of other people, the souls from the other world, understand the language of animals, the ability to communicate with cosmic objects and gods, read people's thoughts), clairvoyance (see all of them, if desired, the ability to scan your body, blood, see the energy and souls of people, their inner essence, fight in astral battle with the help of astral weapons), the ability to know the true nature of the Cosmos, to look at the past.

Manage different energy, influence it on others (healing, either kill or maim (punish) at a distance, fight for power on the astral.

First, it's just learning to see the energy, it took me 2 weeks, usually our view is defocused or focused on objects, energy is part of the material world, it's only the microcosm, it's less dense, so it's not visible. Take the empty space in front of you and look into it, contemplate (look) the air, first you will see particles of dust and particles of light if it's a sunbeam, then you should see the multicolored streams that float around, you can see the aura of people passing by, if you move your palm in your face, hands have something more dense than air. In the darkness energy seen better. And more important is self-confidence, that you will succeed.

There are 2 kinds of vision, the first is real, the second is illusory, when some astral creature clung to you and start throwing all sorts of images to misinform, scare, draw energy out of you, it's important not get lost in the world of illusions, you can end up in a psychiatric hospital, if you do not distinguish the truth from lie.

A little explanation about the nature of vision and hearing, we have an astral and mental body, in the astral it's our emotions and energies, in the mental our thoughts and images, we see dreams and fantasize, but in the physical piece of flesh called the brain there is not and can not be any images and dreams, it means our inner voice which we say to ourselves, our fantasies and dreams arise in thinner spiritual bodies, and if we hear our voice when we think something, then why we can't hear other people's voices in our head. I open the hearing for a month.

Abilities need to be discovered with the help of your own cosmic gods.

After you have learned to see the energy and are ready for hearing, you need to try contact with your cosmic clan, your gods from your cosmic clan, from where your soul flew to Earth to incarnate. When the soul goes to the incarnation, it joins the earthly family clan. It is important to find the most important person in clan.
The effective method for knowing this world, the method of association on yourself or on space next to you, things or creature what you want to study. For example, you call yourself or space in front of you, the name of the thing that you want to know, it can be an animal, a plant, some kind of person, his soul, it can be a star or planet, a dead person. If you have high sensitivity and open vision, then you begin to feel yourself this object.

Open extrasensory abilities provide opportunities for knowledge of other planets (mentally appearing there to see and feel), acquaintance with aliens, they can if they are asked to show their civilization, ships and weapons, although we still do not understand anything, but just admire. As an example, if you can do something in magic, find aliens from your cosmic clan and ask them to show their planet, if they agreed, then you will have a feeling that you are in another place, different energy, different images. Then you can return on their planet simply by saying that you are there, your astral double itself is teleporting there, and you again feel this planet.

I was interested in how the race of aliens of my cosmic kind is arranged, their basic biological form in which they are embodied. They are in the space of the head in Cosmos. They originated from creatures similar to primates, they have a funny appearance, large bright gray-blue eyes, blond hair on the head that do not grow a lifetime to any length like humans, but have the same length of a lifetime, like in animals, a big mouth with thin lips, a heavy lower jaw, broad cheekbones, a snub nose. And an anthropoid body with white skin. So the structure of their society. About children are taken care of to 6 years, then the child becomes an adult, gets a separate dwelling and goes to work to provide for himself all the necessary and serve the society, and also continues to learn. Our earthly children can also work if our society did not protect them from this. In the human race everything is built so, we made our children infantile idiots with the help of toys and blunt cartoons, and also make parasites and energy debtors of parents, saving oneself of duties and responsibility for their survival. Ideal education is when child does not spend his time on stupid toys and fabulous illusory world of childhood, and from a small age is introduced into the adult world, learns their laws, skills, learns to earn and take care of themselves. Rightly so - was born and immediately learn to live in the real world, and not in the fairy-tale world of Santa Clauses, tooth fairies and other evil spirits. These games imitators of adult life like plastic irons and other plastic objects of life they do not prepare for adult life and do not develop (stupid waste of money), they inhibit the development of intelligence. For in 7 th years he not thinking about stupid fashionable plastic toys and games and had the psyche of idiot, but was preparing for an adult life and trying to realize his purpose. the sooner he begins to learn it, the more successful he will be in life. Toys are a way to get rid of a child for parents who can not or do not want to spend time on them.

My race of aliens, from outer space where my soul flew. They sleep little and sleep is the continuation of life, they have reasonable dreams, they realize that they sleep and in a dream communicate with each other, they study, they do what they want. I was interested in them how the engine is arranged due to which they can quickly travel through space, there the principle of working with the energy of time, there are huge 15 meters of rotating disks on the horizontal axis and these disks are clinging to the energy of time, and if you twist it, you overcome everythinghigh-speed barriers. Until I realized that in these discs, how they can twist the energy of time, some metal with some kind of radiation, it's difficult, but this is a dangerous thing, when they invented and experienced it, there was a tragedy and many scientists died, so creating such engine is a mortal danger.

In the region of the vertex on the head, where the hair usually grows in a circle, there is an energy formation in the form of a disk inside the head (this is the uppermost chakra), it is connected with our cosmic clan and national egregore, and this contain information about the nationality and soul of man, if you take this disk into your hand (mentally), then you immediately understand what kind of soul a person has and who he is by nationality. And to more easily understand your essence and the energy of your soul, contact with your cosmic clan, you can touch your hand to this place on your head straight into the center of this circle on which the hair grows, there are small bald patches, not necessarily in the center of the head, i have it slightly biased to the left and try to feel the energy of this place, if it does, then this is the main energy of your soul, and representatives of your cosmic clan should shine with the same energy.

A some of recent my adventures and impressions. I wake up in the morning, i live on the 2nd floor, i hear a cat screaming something, i decided to try to understand and the translation came to me, "Let's fuck ", i was interested, i looked out from the balcony, and i see her cat jumps to her and they start fuck right under my balcony, so i learned to read the language of animals.

And if you contact with astral creatures in the astral world, in the process of fighting (there otherwise is impossible) with the master of this creatures, he clung to my throat and began to suck energy, so i felt bad, this is the astral murder. An interesting experience. If you defeat the master of astral creatures, then you gain power over all kind of these creatures.

If you risk starting training magic and accidentally to go crazy, it's can happens more than once, it's important not to panic, just calmly watch your condition as if from outside, look at your fear, panic, horror and relax. In extreme cases, greet me on the astral plane and ask mentally for help, from a distance i can help a person. Or ask help your god of your cosmic clan. People to go crazy from cruelty towards others or you are lost into illusions and you do not distinguish reality from other false images and information. This is part of learning magic. I warned that it is hard, further your choice and responsibility.

13. The creatures of the astral world.

On Earth, in addition to humans and animals, live many creatures of different astral nationalities, in the forest, in the water, in the city, in the air, they perform certain functions in nature. For example, in the city they can feed on the negative energy of people thereby purifying the space. There are the creatures of disease, when a person does something wrong, he is punished by this small shaggy toothy astral beast in some limb, pain starts and the person falls ill. House creatures, forest creatures, water creatures, dragons, devils creatures, that something like gargoyles, the creatures -the owners of cemeteries eating the energy of dead people, the creatures of the weather, creatures living in trees, all this is reality. Yes, the dragons live on the astral plane among us if they are called, but i do not like them, they are very cunning, their soul is predatory, it's unpleasant for me to communicate with them, they serve to Zionists. These creatures have 6 bodies, they do not have physical and etheric.

Different astral nations stand under different cosmic Areas, they can be predatory or middle, so your communication with them will depend on what kind of soul you have.

Some entities can suck out your energy and kill you, if you fighting with him, (you must fight), some creatures will accept you and leave you alone if you can defeat the strongest of them, if not, he will simply suck out your energy and you can swoon. Some of they very much like to joke and deceive. The boss of these creatures can give you the astral double of their kind, put it on you, so you will feel yourself this creatures, amazing when you feel not the human body, but you feel yourself as another being with the plasticity of his body. Even since each person has an astral double, you can communicate with the twins of any famous people, favorite actors and musicians, they enter your body or become close and you communicate.

14. Methods of astral battle.

My little work. We all need to fight for our energy with other people. Our victory depends on our personal strength and on supporting the gods that stand behind us.

You can vampire energy of people, it happens if your will stronger. To beat people with astral weapons.

This applies to people with a middle soul, because predators soul already possess this. People with a middle soul are usually naive, peace-loving, bright as children inside, but world order and life dictates the need to develop such qualities as aggression, the desire to dominate and defeat the enemy. You need to know the state of predator, look at others from top to bottom, do not allow yourself to lose, live with device -"I do not lose, never," even if you have already been beaten. Learn to enter the state of predator on the hunt against your enemies, this is at the level of animal instincts, when he traces prey and begins to pursue it, enjoying the hunt and panic fear of the victim. Imagine yourself predator, feel the plasticity of his body, how he runs, pursues prey, feel the primitive pleasure of hunting. When you learn, you can, if necessary, include the state of the predator, and then the surrounding people begin to twist the bowels in horror when they are near you, and the predatory souls will begin respect you, because you can play by their rules. I'm not raising maniacs here, I'm very peaceful and good-natured, but life dictates the need to protect themselves and punish the enemies. I hope no one asshole here will come to mind to practice real hunting in the forest for someone)) I'm teaching an astral game that breaks down the psyche of rivals. To help, as an example of this state, watch the video of Agonoize "bis das blut gefriert"

Ability to hold a punch (Defend) or check of you for strength. We are all familiar with such phenomenon as persecution of weaklings (looser), these are natural instincts aimed at the evolution of the soul, the survival of the strongest. It is usually the defensive reaction of attackers from someone else's ugliness, internal or external, the desire to protect themselves from this ugliness that can harm the aggressor, if he opens, accepts, admits it into his space. Or it is a test of strength the object of persecution, is worthy of being accepted into the company, test level of it's strength, if you are strong you is considers a reasonable person, if you weak, you are just meat, a victim, a lower development creature that can not be admitted into the company and personal space, the maximum that you can get, if you bow your head in front of the strong man is role of servant. It's the elucidation of a person's place in the food chain. You have to learn to defend, people beat in the hope of gaining your energy, abilities, attributes, if you will lose. They beat in appearance, in dress, in social status, in intelligence. You must love yourself very much and be well-developed in all spheres of life, therefore in life one should communicate only with leaders, with the most intelligent, talented, successful people, to learn the world, listen to the best, not popular music, literature, fashion, choose the best, ideal, strong, it helps to be above the opponent. Yes, even if you are not smartest and most handsome man, the ability to hold a blow (defend), causes respect from the powerful of this world and opens the way to their personal space and company.

Creation of the astral weapon: we take an ordinary knife, we go to the cemetery, we stick this knife into the grave land and wait until it is saturated with dead energy, then wrap it in something and hide it where no one will find it, not in an apartment house, so that it's energy did not hurt anyone. And when someone attacks you on the astral, steals your energy, beats you with energy, presses your will, then you mentally beat the enemy with this weapon or stick it in, hold the knife in the enemy until your victory.

In the astral with you can do anything, beat, suck in energy, drive you crazy, rape, laugh at your weaknesses, threaten to find in reality and kill, dip into shit, feed worms, stick a dead person into you or some astral creature, try to devour your soul by submitting your will, and many things. While you pass through all this 100 times you will die inner.

15. Funeral rite and caring for the soul of the deceased.

So that the soul of deceased person can quickly, safely and calmly go to where it should be after death, it is our cosmic clan from where we incarnated to Earth, it is necessary to competently ritual with the body of the deceased.
The most correct ritual was for our ancestors, when the body betrayed the purification of fire and the soul could easily go home, this is the most aesthetically and hygienic. We put so much care into our body during life and so cruelly deal with it after death, it is not difficult to imagine the processes that occur with the corpse after dead.

Most often burying in accordance with the Christian tradition, the body is placed in a coffin, buried in cemetery, a christian cross is placed on the grave

(a cross with two notches above and below, simple cross is a symbol of life, but these notches turn it into a symbol of death, because they mean that the soul is cut off from the connection with the earth and from the connection with the sky). And accordingly such cross emits necrotic dead energy. A monument is erected, a name is written, a photograph is hung up (the photo can not be, it also holds soul on the earth, these photos have live eyes, and other relatives regularly remember the deceased, carry him food (feed the dead), put candles and so on. It is in the Russian tradition.
All real magicians see and know what is really going on in the cemetery and what it is. This burial ritual curse the soul and does not let it go quietly, it keeps it tied to the ground at least a hundred years, until the relatives forget about it and the grave will not be destroyed. The cemetery is a damn place, it holds a soul between heaven and earth. After death, the person's astral copy, as a result of such burial becomes accursed and acquires the features of a real vampire. As a result, there is a connection between the deceased and his relatives, they feed him with vital energy, which he does not need, and he dead energy necrotic to them, and often this connection leads to illness and death. In ancient times there was a special person, a priest who watched the soul go to the address (got home) after death, it is very important, the world is an eerie thing, the soul is a great energy value and there are those who want to harming or using it for their own Benefits. Need to protect the soul after death, control how she feels, sometimes because of a wrong life, the soul worsens her karma, that is, life has gone badly, you can help her recover and improve your karma for a better future incarnation.
In short, the procedures necessary after the death of a person:
- correct burial or cremation.
- guarding and escorting the soul to home.
- restoration of the soul if necessary
- cleaning up from the energy of the deceased places where he lived.

Who has deceased relatives or acquaintances, i can look their soul.

16. Who are the gods. Analysis of all world religions.

Zion have a bad cop who acts by harsh methods to destroy enemies and a good policeman, this are more advanced entities from Zion, they are the chapters and founders of religions and esoteric teachings on earth, where people flee from the cruelties of this world, where they meet the elders and wise men who begin to teach them false theories of the world order, the world is suffering and you have to get out of the Samsara wheel and go to nirvana, like- "Get out of the way guys, give us your world and go to fucking nirvana or die as soon as possible, although you can still sit with blissful smile in the lotus or singing songs Hare Krishna, and in the meantime we will capture your world and fuck your women". Even predatory gods like Shiva and predatory guru love to devour the souls of middle disciples who are too much dissolved in these authorities. Nature is supportive of a strong man, since God does not punish a lion when he kills a roe deer, because it is in his predatory nature, it is necessary for him to survive and don't hope that they will be punished for attacking us, to punish your enemies it's your task.

- Judaism.
This is the Jewish religion of the owners. Its ideology is very correct for the survival and prosperity of the people who profess it. Only a person in the Jewish family and with Jewish blood can confess her. Other nations should have learned from the Jews how to care their people. Judaism was created by the Zionists to create a people of pastors and masters over other peoples of the earth. Jews own the basic resources of our civilization. The God of the Jews is the Zionist God.

- Christianity.
It is an artificially created religion. With an artificially created entity -Yahweh, to which people can worship and give their life energy and souls. The Bible were written by the Zionists to create religion of slaves, there man is slave to God, to destroy the national self-consciousness and self-esteem of peoples professing this religion. Everything is built on faith and fear of analysis and doubt, don't believe, you need to taste everything yourself. If you open the vision, look at how the Christian god Yahweh looks, only without illusions, at first he will be very nice, if you not belive, he will show his true face and it's interesting to see who lives in the churches, what entities, that's "God's place".
But was Christ? And if it's fiction, all its wonders, because in the Middle Ages in Europe they kill and burned everyone who something talk against the church and Christianity. And again, why Christ is Resurrection, because on the third day people seemed to be his soul, and then he go into heaven, they do not mean that the corpse revived, or he was walking dead? So where is the resurrection, if the soul has come out of the body?

Christ on the astral is a short, very dark-skinned, dark-haired man with curly hair and a lively face. He apparently did a lot disturbed people, and he was killed, the Zionists looked at this and decided to use his name and image to write religion for slaves, there are religions for the masters and leaders, there are religions that cultivate weakness, humility, slavery, suffering, death, this is an excellent weapon against competing peoples.

In Christianity it is customary to call priests- fathers. Native fathers have a connection with the body of the soul of their child. We also have this connection with spiritual teachers (guru) and husbands have power over the soul of their wives. This body of the soul is responsible for the spiritual development and worldview of person, calling the priest - a father, we give him power over our soul and become his slave, don't do so.

About Christian rituals:

- Wedding.
The symbol of white dress is the death of bride for her family clan, she goes to the family clan of her husband. But it's not right that woman getting married on the astral look like a corpse, really. The wedding is a celebration of life, it is better to make colorful dress as ancestors did.

In the church they give wine and this bread is unleavened, saying that it is the blood and flesh of Christ, which means that people thus symbolically eat dead meat of man, the rite of cannibalism.

-The rite of baptism.

For the rite of baptism you need:
1. The fabric in which the baby is wrapped after the ritual (in fact, in the magical sense, it means the shroud in which the dead are wrapped)
2. White shirt (the dead, usually after bathing- "bathing a child in church" are dressed in new white clothes)
3. The godfather or mother of the same sex with the child, this is the person to whom the soul of the child is attached. In this way they remove the protection from the child.
Ceremony: the child is washed like deceased before burial, church oil is smeared by his energy centers and sense organs, paints a cross on his head, lips, ears, eyes, thus overlapping his connection with the cosmos and closing his feelings on Christian egregore, so that he perceives the world through the prism of Christian teaching. Then they cut the hair, roll it into a wax (ritual of black magic) and throw it into the water (well not into the ground), by this they take off important energy and information from the child's head, the person stupid after that, the brains are washed out.
After all the procedures, the child dressed in white church shirt shines on the astral as a dead man. This is done for pumping his vital energy into the Christian egregor.

* Logical interpretation of the Bible

So God created the first man Adam in the astral world, giving him a penis for some obscure purposes (probably to piss), then he looked and found that Adam had one rib that was superfluous, and decided to remove this rib and grow from piece of bone a woman, and gave her the tits and female sex organs (or Eve grew out of the rib directly from the body of Adam (horror film?). And God told them, i gave you paradise, and for this you must express your love and devotion to me so that i forbid you to eat the forbidden fruit (use your sexual organs for the purpose), go and suffer. Well, they tormented, but Satan - serpent is provoked them, and they did it. In punishment, God sent them to the Earth, he was from the spiritual world is materialized them. Probably it looked like that, here is an empty space and a piece of land and suddenly in this space, from nothing materialize or teleport the man and woman, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Terminator and woman robot in Termanator 3.
Since they were the first people on earth, they began to multiply, so their children were interbreeding with each other and so on, according to the science and sad experience of some tribes, they had to die out or mutate in 500 years. Their children for some reason were Jews, the names of these first people in the Bible was Jewish, meaning the Jews are the forefathers of all mankind and we are all Jews: Negro Jews, Chinese Jews, white Slavic Jews, Indian Jews. So you decide who are your ancestors, Adam and his rib, Jews, monkeys or Humanoids.

Christians claim that the pagans were making human sacrifices to their gods, but this is nonsense why the gods want the death of their children, they are interested in the life and prosperity of their people.
Christianity asserts that this is a peaceful religion, but let's count the human sacrifices from it, first in the Bible it is written that even at the birth of Christ, King Herod kill all the newborns children in the city, only their prophet was born, and already brought death (this is certainly fake from the Bible, but nevertheless), after Christianity began to be forcibly planted in Europe, Russia, America and Mexico, the Spaniards forced the local tribes to accept Christianity. In the Middle Ages Inquisition was burned millions of people (they got rid of the most intelligent and advanced representatives of the white race) and cats as supposedly devilish animals, the same crusades, allegedly in the name of faith. Europe has not washed for centuries because of Christianity, and this has contributed to infections and the spread of deadly diseases, millions of Europeans have died from the plague, about 35% of Europe's population, it's not the fault of the rats, it's Church say that hygiene is sin.

Satanism is the same Christianity, this is the reverse side of one religion, behind Satanism are the Zion gods. Satanism is Zionism. There is a man himself erected in the cult, the idea of freedom and power, Satanism is tightly connected with the world of magic and astral entities responsible for magical power and rituals, and Satan is the demonic astral creature, not particularly scary, rather amusing, so Christianity will be more terrible.

- Islam.
This is also artificially created religion of the Zionists with an artificially creature Allah, yes, Allah is were, i communicate with him, we did not like each other. The Arab tribes also by the way have their own pagan gods about whom they forgot like the Slavs. When a person becomes under any predatory religion, then he gives the upper body of the so
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