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Yin and Yang after all/ The Awkward truth

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Mike The Blacksmith Post number 24768 Posted: 24th July 2018     Subject:
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I know some of my family story and names back to the 1500s
I did a dna study just for fun.

It came out just like the history would predict.

I am of Viking stock.

Kono Loki Post number 24769 Posted: 24th July 2018     Subject:
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Interesting to know, wish i knew it that far back.
Maybe i could make sense of some things.

Tried past life meditation but that worked out ehhh meh...


I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
Mike The Blacksmith Post number 24773 Posted: 25th July 2018     Subject:
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You could think about doing a DNA study. It may give you some direction on the past.
In the USA we have one that you can do through National Geographic (the same people that publish a magazine by the same name)
It also funds a world population study an patterns of migration.
The price is often on sale for $100 dollars.
You may have different choices in Europe.

Bright Blessings from the forest,
Kono Loki Post number 24776 Posted: 25th July 2018     Subject:
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I may do that wth a friend, becuase hey, everything is better with a friend. [Triskel]

Anyhow, lets hope i can kick out the spirits.
Not that they are evil, they just repeat the same thing over and over and over... [Mad]


I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
ChristopherBlackwell Post number 24777 Posted: 26th July 2018     Subject: In my case Anglo Saxon
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I can trace back to 1645, my ancestor came to Virginia to escape the English civil war, My mother is English and could trace her family name nearly as far, but the English Civil War wasn't so great on records surviving so before that it gets far difficult. I have done a DNA search, apparently on the trip north into what is now Europe, more distant ancestors would have stopped in what today is Belgium about forty thousand years ago. But no records as to when my ancestors showed up in England, or how they got there. Early enough and they could have walked. But even what we can trace there are large gaps, and you are only tracing two families, who knows having have married into the line, which of course I will never know about.

Never had contact with spirits that I know of, or ghosts, or ancestors, nor gods or goddesses besides a couple of visions. I always joke that I tend to be mostly deaf, dumb and blind as far as anything otherworldly. Still I do have some strange things happen from time to time. I pay attention when they happen. Not the type that would enjoy more ceremonial magic, I would never be able to memorize enough to do a full ceremony. I had enough trouble in Wicca when it came to memorizing.

At this point in time my main work seems to be in creating laughter and in encouraging people in general. Considering the some times grim world our society lives in, this may be important for its own reasons.

I like wild animals and plants. I put out about 17.5 pound of seed, and about 3 gallons of water a day, so that comes to over 3 tons of seed a year over a1,000 gallons of water. Needless to say, I get a lot of wild life and our quail alone may have three batches of chicks a season. The mice, rats, ground squirrels, rabbits, and jack rabbits [hares] multiply and that encourages the local predators, mountain lion, bob cats, coyote, road runners, snakes, hawks and eagles, with the vultures taking up clean up after. Add occasional cattle wander though the property as this is unfenced Open Range Land and I have plenty to laugh at while watching from the window.


Wisdom is what is left after you have done all the dumb stuff
Kono Loki Post number 24780 Posted: 27th July 2018     Subject: Re: In my case Anglo Saxon
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Well, my first experience with Wicca was much worse, so thats ok. [Smile]

At least you did not get hurt like me, and i mean physically, mentally, and spiritually, the whole triquetra.

Damn nature spirits still want me to become a religious witch though, which is never going to happen...


I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
Jay Brafeha Post number 25018 Posted: 12th October 2018     Subject:
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Hi Kono Loki,

I'm a bit late to the party, and the thread's pretty cold, but I wanted to throw my two cents in, because I've had my own issues relating to both the masculine and feminine.

First off, congratulations on finding the other half of your being!

So disclaimer: it goes without saying that women are strong in a myriad of ways. Certainly women serve in the military, fight in all kinds of martial arts (I've certainly had my *ss handed to me by a female knight in the SCA), and give birth (requiring a pain tolerance threshold that most men will never have to attain). There are many goddesses of battle and the battlefield (Athena, the Morrighan, and Valkyries spring to mind; Freya drives a war chariot, for gods' sakes).

But it sounds like you're not here to explore the female warrior... or the male warrior, for that matter. You may want to look towards some of the knowledge goddesses. For many, their strength and power often come from words, from intelligence; from the ability to influence and change minds.

I notice that your user name includes Loki, so I'm guessing you may resonate with this particular figure of Norse mythology, so I'll use him as an example. Unlike Thor, who uses brute force, Loki's power comes from his keen wit and his ability to manipulate words. He could start a fight just as much as he could defuse a conflict, without the use of physical power.

And Loki also has a feminine form. Don't forget that she became pregnant and gave birth to Sleipnir. When Thor had to pretend to be Freya in order to get his hammer back from Jotunheim, Loki *became* a woman; Thor was just a man in a dress. Clearly Loki was comfortable with with both his masculine and feminine natures, while Thor was not.

I really like this episode from "People Watching": There's a particular quote from the main female character that that I think fits here: "I've dated guys that could hold me down with one hand, like it was f**king nothing. If someone corners you, you need to f**cking 'nice' your way out of it." For most women, and for Loki, it's not about brute force.

If you're having trouble finding a feminine deity that resonates with you, I would recommend starting with the feminine form of Loki. Think of all the times when Thor was ready to beat the crap out of Loki, and she talked her way out of it. Loki was very empathetic: she understands the people around her and what makes them tick... or what pushes their buttons. Invoke her into you, and explore what it is like to be powerful in a world where you may not have brute force at your disposal, but you can convince people who are physically stronger than you with the power of your words and emotions.

Once you feel comfortable with her, consider exploring other female deities that cross modern gender boundaries: e.g. Seshat, who is a great patron goddess for engineering and mathematics (typically thought of as masculine realms).

Of course, this won't give you a complete understanding of what it is to be a woman, or even a sliver of the range of the female divine... there's so much more. But it may be a good start to exploring your own dual nature.

Good luck on your search!
Kono Loki Post number 25048 Posted: 15th October 2018     Subject:
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Hi Jay Brafeha,

Its fine, never to late. [Cool]

To be honest, I picked the name because of the Marvel movies, because i really connect with the character Tom portrays, a deeply wounded, power hungry, sensitive, slightly androgynous man with a huge inferiority complex.
Or Savitar from the Flash series, a wounded young man with a lot of emotional baggage and a serious existential/identity crisis.

Look, when I saw feminine energy on my fingers I tried to shake it off in fear.

I do not want a feminine deity into my life, especially not a mother goddess or a boy killing monster like Artemis. (Others call them deities but I do not)

I just have no idea how to handle this revelation, and i wish it was all a big fat lie.

Kono. (Should have gone for Sauron or Melkor... [Twisted evil] or something like that. [Question])

I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
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