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"Vision" Interpretation Help

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Lydia Post number 25066 Posted: 19th October 2018     Subject: "Vision" Interpretation Help
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I had a sort of "vision" the other night and would like help interpreting it. It is rather difficult to explain but I will try my best.
I was lying down with my eyes closed, trying to sleep off a terrible headache. Behind my eyes I saw a bright light (my rooms was dark so it wasn't in the physical world, but I felt like I could physically see it). I immediately knew it was something not in our physical world and was excited to explore it, but also nervous. I calmed myself and urged myself forward. The more I pushed onward the more the light faded. I felt discouraged but a foreign thought creeped into my mind, "Don't be so concerned with what you can actually see... " After calming down again I was able to see the light, but in a different way. It was almost as if I was reading a book and imagining it in my mind, but more... vivid? I can't exactly describe it. The rest of the "vision" looked/felt like this. As I followed the light my whole body became more and more numb. I eventually found myself at great wooden doors, closed, with light spilling from underneath them. The doors opened and I was showered in a bright light. I could not see anything as the light blinded me. I felt an overwhelming sense of love and warmth, to the point that I felt tears start in my eyes (in my physical body). In this... "vision" I sank to my knees. I'm not sure if the light faded or if my eyes just adjusted, but when I could see I was in a mansion... large but not extravagant. A very beautiful woman walked up to me and welcomed me. I didn't say anything but thought "who is she?" to which she responded, "I am you." She did look like me but was much more attractive and elegant. She then kneeled before me, grabbed my hands and said, "Let us pray." We were there for a bit praying, not saying anything. It was what I would call a meditation. After some time she told me it was time to go, to which my immediate response was to object. She just smiled and I felt sensation to my body slowly returning.
I woke up flabbergasted and felt like a changed person. Now I'm slightly concerned that I'm going insane. I've never had a "vision" or anything before this so I don't know what to make of it.
Jay Brafeha Post number 25070 Posted: 20th October 2018     Subject:
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Hi Lydia,

For many people, visions are a normal and exciting part of their spiritual path, especially around "in-between" times like early morning or early evening, and certain times of the year like around Samhain/Halloween.

If you're concerned about whether your vision was safe or sane, I can give you a few guidelines for what's normal, and what you may want to be concerned about:

  • If you have visions while lying down or meditating, that's very normal.
  • If you have visions while driving a car, or while trying to do normal day-to-day things like working or shopping, you may have a problem that you should seek help on from a qualified person.
  • Passing through a bright light is an experience that many people have when entering various spiritual realms.
  • If you frequently experience a bright light while having a bad headache, it might be a symptom of a medical problem (e.g. migraines). If those two things happen often, you may want to talk to your doctor about it.
  • Your visions should generally be positive, or if they are negative, they should be because they focus around issues in your life you choose to work through.
  • If you find yourself having a lot of unwanted or frightening visions, you may have a problem that you should seek help on from a qualified person.
So, long story short, it sounds like you had a wonderful and amazing experience. [Smile]

I can't tell you what your vision will mean for you; that's something you'll have to discover for yourself. I will say that most of us have a "true self" or some kind of embodiment of the kind of person we'd like to be. It's possible that was who you met in your dream, and perhaps she was reaching out to help you get to know her. For me, when I'm trying to interpret dreams or visions, I usually have to wait for a second or third one before the pattern falls into place and I fully understand it.

Hope this helps!
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