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Morgana Post number 25411 Posted: 11th February 2019     Subject: BREAKING CONVENTION 5th Int. Conference
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The 5th International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness
16-18 August 2019, London, United Kingdom

Breaking Convention, Europe's largest conference on psychedelics, takes place in August 2019, on the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival.

Do you have something to say? Apply to present a talk.
Do you have a desire to help the event go well? Volunteer! Have you got amazing skills to share? Maybe you want to run a workshop, display your artistic talents, or have a film to show?
You can visit our splendid new website for details of how to get involved.

See also the promo video 2017: ... nce-returns/
Morgana Post number 25744 Posted: 16th July 2019     Subject: UPDATE -Breaking Convention - 16-18 August 2019
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Hello Breakero!

With only six weeks to go until we meet face to face, we thought you'd appreciate knowing what else this year's conference holds in store for you in addition to the hundreds of talks we have in the five lecture theatres. Our speaker line-up is being constantly updated with names and subjects, do take a look!

Before the conference even begins on Friday morning, there are two other psychedelic events you might enjoy. Practise your open-mindedness at The Great Holy Mushroom Debate (Wednesday evening); come along and hear both sides of the question as to whether a psychedelic mushroom was important (or not!) to early Christianity. Then on Thursday evening, the psychedelic stand-ups Adam Strauss and Shane Mauss are in the house at Greenwich Theatre! Get your tickets to what promises to be a memorable event. All Breaking Convention ticket holders qualify for a discount to each of these (scroll down for more details).

During the conference, our cinema room will be screening films and providing a chance to hear from some of the film makers themselves. Including the highly praised Magic Medicine, an intimate film which is an absorbing portrait of the human cost of depression, and the inspirational people contributing to groundbreaking psychedelic research.

We also have a full programme of workshops free to all ticket holders; ranging from yoga, qi gung, posture and propioception, through meditation, drumming, gongs and harps, via navigation of peak experiences, confronting the dark side, and caring for those in challenging experiences to mathematics, parenting and poetry.

This year, the many performances and installations will be happening in a larger, dedicated space. The art gallery has also moved into a much better location so you can comfortably enjoy looking at the work of some of the world's top psychedelic artists. Stalls featuring books and a variety of other objects and information make up the marketplace, which is now situated next to the new onsite coffee shop.

Tickets to Breaking Convention are still available, and there is single room accommodation you can book if you would like to stay in the Student Halls alongside the speakers and organising team!

We hope to see you in Greenwich this summer, or otherwise in 2021 when we next take on the mammoth task of organising this incredible event.

Much love,
On behalf of all at Breaking Convention

PS Great news! The Student Union has been relocated on-campus, and now occupies the splendid Dreadnought Building. Below ground we have a dedicated venue with a 500 person capacity! With plenty of seats, this atmospheric space is situated next to a performance room which will feature a different band each night, and DJs too. Entry is free to all BC attendees. There's a great outside area too, for those who prefer to look up at the stars in the open air...
Here's a few snaps of the undercroft, where some seriously in-depth conversations will be happening every night into the early hours of the morning. Will you be part of them?!
Open your mind to contrasting arguments at The Great Holy Mushroom debate on Wednesday; David Luke chairs what promises to be a lively discussion between Thomas Hatsis and Jerry Brown, asking them whether or not medieval Christians not only recognized the psychoactive Amanita muscaria as the "holy mushroom" but also enshrined it in diverse art forms such as frescoes, stained-glass windows and manuscript illuminations.
For discounted entry to the Mushroom debate, please bring proof of purchase to BC with you.

Shane Mauss and Adam Strauss are coming to the UK this summer to do a fantastic night of Psychedelic Comedy, to open Europe's biggest conference on psychedelic science, Breaking Convention. This will be the first time these comedians will be performing their stand up sets in the UK, exclusively at Greenwich Theatre. The comedians have appeared on some of the best known podcasts such as the Joe Rogan Experience, Marc Marons WTF and Duncan Trussell's Family Hour.

This event will provide entertainment for both the attendees of Breaking Convention and the wider community with a discounted ticket sale for conference attendees.

This is not one to miss!
As a newsletter subscriber, we think you deserve the discount code too, it is: bccomedy19
For those who can't wait to listen to some psychedelically inclined words until August, this 3.5 hour podcast includes a few people you may remember from previous BCs amongst those reading a selection of extracts from the epic book, The Rose Of Paracelsus: On Secrets & Sacraments, by Leonard Pickard. Rolling Stone once called Pickard “The Acid King”, and his book is being called a modern masterpiece; it tells the story of an international clan of secret LSD chemists.
We are grateful to our media partners and sponsors for their valued assistance in promoting and supporting Breaking Convention. You can read about a few of them below; just click on the logo for a link to their websites to find out more.
Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana. At this year's Breaking Convention, MAPS will be presenting a session of talks on the latest aspects of their research, including one by Rick Doblin.
Synthesis is a legal, medically supervised psilocybin retreat center for professionals to experience personal growth, emotional breakthroughs, and spiritual development. Our retreat model represents a fusion of modern science, therapeutic modalities, and wisdom-traditions proven to catalyze deep psychological wellness and, meaningful change. Along with our institutional partners, Synthesis is leading a movement to transform the way people approach emotional, cognitive, and spiritual well-being.
The Beckley Foundation is a UK-based think-tank and NGO founded and directed by Amanda Feilding. Its purpose is to pioneer psychedelic research and drive evidence-based drug policy reform. Through a network of international collaborations, the Beckley Foundation is working towards a future in which the therapeutic potential of cannabis and the psychedelics is widely recognised and harnessed as a tool to study consciousness, to heal, and increase well-being.
Dr. Bronner’s was founded in 1948 by Emanuel Bronner, a third-generation master soapmaker from a German-Jewish soapmaking family. He used the labels on his superb ecological soaps to spread his message that we must realize our unity across religious and ethnic divides or perish: “We are All-One or None! ” Still family-owned and run, Dr. Bronner’s honors its founder’s vision by continuing to make socially & environmentally responsible products of the highest quality, and by dedicating our profits to help make a better world. All-One!
Since 2002, Seedsman has been a market leader in the field of cannabis and hemp. Seedsman intends to bring clarity to the CBD market by offering customers high-grade, high quality, laboratory- tested products from the most reputable brands within the industry.
Horizons is the largest and longest-running annual psychedelic community gathering in the world. The thirteenth annual Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics conference will be held between October 11–13th, 2019. The conference is an annual forum in New York City that examines the role of psychedelic drugs and plant medicines in science, medicine, culture and spirituality.
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