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Viking Symbols and Runes May Be Banned by the Swedish Gov

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Mike The Blacksmith Post number 25653 Posted: 24th May 2019     Subject: Viking Symbols and Runes May Be Banned by the Swedish Gov
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Viking Symbols and Runes May Soon Be Banned by the Swedish Government

Depictions of the runes and Norse symbols such as Thor’s hammer may soon be banned in Sweden according to some sources. Hate groups have been using many of these symbols for years and there are stories circulating that the government is discussing whether the ancient symbols may be offending ethnic minorities.

The Runes and Norse Symbols that May Be Banned
As RT reports, Swedish Justice Minister Morgan Johansson is currently researching if the banning of the ancient Norse symbols will deter hate groups. Swedish website Samhällsnytt reported he will provide his recommendations on the subject by the end of the month.

According to The Gateway Pundit, much of the government’s concern stems from neo-Nazi groups such as the Nordic Resistance Movement using runes in their logos and associating the writing and symbols with messages of hate. “In particular the government is looking to ban the letter Tyr which is part of the runic alphabet. This same symbol is used by neo-Nazis as their logo, ” The Gateway Pundit writes.

https://www.ancient-ori ... bols-0011947
ChristopherBlackwell Post number 25665 Posted: 30th May 2019     Subject: Turned out to be a false claim by Neo Nazi groups
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We at AUK are aware of a story currently doing the rounds on social media, that the government of Sweden is considering banning the use of runes.

This is untrue. The story originates from the Samhällsnytt media outlet, associated with the far-right Sverigedemokraterna political party. It has also been propagated by racially exclusive and Folkish pagan organisations in Sweden, such as Nordiska Asa-Samfundet.

There is no blanket ban on runes being considered, contrary to what has been reported. The Kommitédirektiv (Committee Directive) in question is designed to prevent violent Neo-Nazi organisations like the Nordic Resistance Movement from using historical symbols as logos or for other political purposes.

The document also makes it perfectly clear that runes cannot be banned where freedoms are preserved by either Swedish legislation or the European Convention on Human Rights.

This directive is tailor-made to target the perversion of ancient symbols by dangerous far-right ethno-nationalists. AUK stands against prejudice, racism and the politicisation of heathen religious beliefs.

Please spread the word and act against this misinformation.…/kommittedi…/2018/07/dir.-201861/

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