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The Pagan Federation Wellness Retreat/ Beltane 2021- funding

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Morgana Post number 25871 Posted: 17th September 2019     Subject: The Pagan Federation Wellness Retreat/ Beltane 2021- funding
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We're so excited to finally be at phase two of organising the retreat event that so many of you have asked for and you all deserve!

Please, please, please share this! It's take three years to get to this point and we're so excited to say that the PF's first ever accessible national camp is well on its way to becoming a reality!

If you share please include the hash tags as it helps to spread the message further.

And if you have any ideas on fundraising events you could organise, please let me know!

#PFRetreat #DisabledPagans #PaganismForAll #InclusiveCommunity #SpiritualityTogether

The Pagan Federation Wellness Retreat/ ... yUdYL3cdHgPg
The Pagan Federation Disabilities Team is an active branch of our
Community Support Team and has been supporting disabled Pagans and others on social media since November 2015.
This has included holding online festivals for the community as a whole because there are many,
not only the disabled, who have difficulty attending events in person.

It has become clear to the team that many disabled Pagans would very
much like to be able to attend a residential event where their
additional needs for support are catered for and they receive the help
they need to enable them to take part, and so the idea of the Wellness
Retreat came into being, to give disabled Pagans an opportunity for
spiritual support and face to face community with others.

Once preparations for the retreat began, it quickly became clear that
to be a fully inclusive event, the remaining Community Support Teams
would need to aid our Disabilities Team in creating a well rounded and
all-encompassing retreat focusing on all aspects of spiritual, emotional
and social wellbeing for all.

We have identified a potential venue for 2021, but it is clear that the
likely costs involved exceed the means of our target audience, and we
are fundraising to cover the difference from both grant giving organisations and from the public.

Initially any money raised for this will be placed in a ring fenced fund
within the Pagan Federation and used only for this purpose. We may in
the future set up a charity to continue this work, in which case we will
transfer the balance of funds to them. If at some future point (and we
very much hope this will not be the case) we decide that holding the
retreats is no longer viable we will return funds to grant giving bodies
where we have an agreement to do so, and anything left over will be
given to a charity with similar aims to support disabled people and
their spiritual needs.
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