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Ralph Harvey in memoriam

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Morgana Post number 26405 Posted: 26th June 2020     Subject: Ralph Harvey in memoriam
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Farewell to Ralph Harvey, stuntman and pagan high priest
By Laurie Churchman
25th June

Brighton UK 21 June 2013 - Ralph Harvey a well known white witch in Brighton led the ceremony today at midday on the Summer Solstice in the Old Steine Brighton to celebrate the life of Doreen Valiente the mother of modern witchcraft. Later a blue plaque

Ninety-one-year-old stuntman, occult high priest, escapologist and Dad’s Army impersonator Ralph Harvey has been laid to rest at a pagan funeral service.
Ralph was born in 1928 and led an extraordinary life until his death last month.
Representatives from the stunt industry, the occult world and re-enactment groups gathered at Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground on June 4 to bid him a socially distant farewell amid the coronavirus crisis.
Ralph’s early career was colourful. He served in the RAF and was based in Yemen in 1948, where he learnt Arabic.

He also spent a stint as a private investigator, became a professional stuntman and performed as an escapologist in Berkshire, where he was known as “Reading’s Houdini”.

In his sixties, he became a Captain Mainwaring impersonator thanks to the intervention of Prince Philip, who spotted his military reenactment troupe at Newhaven Fort and invited them to march outside Buckingham Palace.

Parading down The Mall, Ralph heard people in the crowd saying “Look, it’s Captain Mainwaring and Dad’s Army” – and his impersonating career began.

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